US Premier League Season 2 is Back at Broward County Stadium, Lauderhill, Florida

15 November 2023

Cricket enthusiasts in the United States are in for a treat, as the US Premier League (USPL) is all set to make a grand entry again, keeping true to its vision of developing the game at the grassroots level and integrating it into the mainstream American sports scene, to unleash the true potential of the game in the biggest sports market of the world.

The second season of the US Premier League, which commenced on 13th November 2023 at the Broward County Stadium in Florida, is poised to create a sensation amongst sports enthusiasts, for a cricket league which has entertainment and cricket both perfectly blended at its heart. The cricket fever won't settle soon even after the world cup. The US Premier League not only aims to nurture local talent at the grassroots level but also envisions building a sports entertainment network that transcends stadiums, reaching homes and supporting budding US and international talent. With a focus on tech integration, from the Metaverse to NFTs, the league aims to leverage innovation and technology to elevate the game and broaden its audience engagement.

Set to be played in the widely popular 20-over format, each match lasts approximately three and a half hours. US Premier League Season 2 has a major focus on delivering global standard broadcasting quality and streaming.

USPL Season 2 is available on JioTV, JIO TV+, Eurosports, Distro TV, Tapmad, ASIA TV NETWORK, Sling TV and EBabaTV, which will bring USPL Season 2 to audiences in USA, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, UK, Australia and Bhutan.

The US Premier League features seven competing teams: New York Cowboys, NJ Titans, Maryland Mavericks, Carolina Eagles, Phillies United, Chicago Patriots and California Golden Eagles. These teams will engage in 24 matches, culminating in a grand finale on 21st November. Following a franchise cricket league model, USPL anticipates expansion on many fronts in the months and years to come. Some of those announcements are expected to be made end of Season 2.

Jaideep Singh and Sandeep Singh, founders of USPL, jointly spoke from the Broward County Stadium, "We express gratitude for the overwhelming support from the US cricket community, US Cricket, ICC, USPL Team owners and extended stakeholders in the US and across the globe. The objective of USPL is to grow the popularity of the game of cricket at the grassroots level, help discover and develop talent to support the efforts of the US cricket community, to make cricket one of the mainstream sports in the US sporting landscape."

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