University of Alabama Football Selects STRIVE to Maximize Player Performance

2 December 2022

STRIVE, the only platform proven to optimize muscle performance for elite athletes and teams, today announced that it has added ten premier NCAA programs to its rapidly growing customer roster of teams looking to optimize player performance and mitigate injuries. The increase in programs turning to STRIVE emphasizes the rise in importance of technology within athletics, particularly for coaching staff and practitioners.As the most recent addition to the set of elite teams using STRIVE, the University of Alabama football program will partner with STRIVE to provide their athletic program with a competitive edge. Alabama football continues to be one of the most elite collegiate football programs in the country with 18 national titles and counting. Other collegiate teams that recently selected STRIVE include: Southern Methodist University men's basketball, Stanford men's basketball, Arizona State football, University of Kentucky women’s basketball, Iowa State football, Colgate University women’s hockey and the University of California Berkeley men’s basketball.

These teams have won a combined total of 27 national championships. A common characteristic of all of these teams is their ability to recognize the importance of bringing cutting edge technology into their program in order to gain a competitive edge. STRIVE is providing teams with advanced insights to enhance their programs in ways that were never previously possible. This is a game changer for coaches and teams by providing them unparalleled data analysis through Power BI dashboards and real-time data analysis.

Alabama is utilizing STRIVE’s world-leading electromyography (EMG) technology to enable the programs' staff to monitor the muscle activation of their players’ hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps. Through sensors that seamlessly integrate into compression shorts, STRIVE will deliver accurate and actionable data to help the players compete at peak performance.

“Being able to align with such an accomplished program as Alabama football is powerful,” STRIVE CEO and founder Nikola Mrvaljevic said. “There are so many elite athletes and teams competing to finish on top in NCAA football, and it’s more important than ever for teams to understand what is going on with their athletes’ bodies as far as muscle movement and exertion so they can put themselves in a position to win more.”

The athletic conferences represented in recent signings include: the American Athletic Conference (AAC). Southeastern Conference (SEC), Pac-12, Big-12, and the Patriot League. STRIVE now has teams within five different conferences across the country. STRIVE continues to expand and grow throughout the NCAA, professional sports, and elite athletes and these teams will join the other 250+ current STRIVE users today.

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STRIVE delivers the only platform proven to optimize muscle performance for elite athletes and teams. Through proprietary algorithms and sensors that seamlessly integrate into any compression clothing, STRIVE provides the most complete, accurate and actionable data for athletes to always compete at peak performance. Founded in 2016, STRIVE currently works with NCAA, NFL, EPL, and MLS teams, along with the US Military. For more information visit or follow STRIVE on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Kate Okiomah
E: [email protected]