Town of Danville Upgrades Diablo Vista Park With Installation of Shaw Sports Turf Field

11 August 2020

The Town of Danville, located in the San Ramon Valley in Contra Costa County, California, made a major update to one of its six community parks. Diablo Vista Park’s sports field now features the industry’s leading-edge synthetic turf.

“This turf is replacing a field that was already synthetic turf, though from a different vendor,” said Dave Casteel, Town of Danville Maintenance Services Director. “We went with this product because we installed it at Sycamore Valley Park in 2012 and it has functioned and aged very well,” said Casteel.

Diablo Vista Park sits on 20 acres and is known for its unique mosaic water-snake feature and premier sports facilities. The new synthetic turf at the sports field allows residents and sports leagues to continue to make extensive use of the facility, while also accommodating a wide range of leagues, ages, and skill levels.

The Town of Danville installed 86,695 square feet of Shaw Sport Turf’s Powerblade Pro 2.0 synthetic turf at Diablo Vista Park. Power is an explosive mix of strength and speed, a critical formula to outperform the competition. Shaw Sports Turf’sPowerBlade fiber system provides the foundation athletes need to harness their potential. It is the go-to system for a surface where interaction with both the athlete and the ball are crucial to performance. Featuring long-lasting monofilament fibers designed to look and play more like natural grass, PowerBlade fields are ready to go, from preseason to playoffs, for years to come. PowerBlade comes in different configurations, each with its own distinct benefits to turn a field into a powerhouse. Powerblade Pro features the patented Bolt fiber, it’s unique state-of-the-art lightning bolt-shaped angles create a stronger vertical axis so fibers stay upright for less breakdown and wear.

The decision to use Shaw Sports Turf was based on the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as their reputation as a trailblazer in the synthetic turf sector.

“Working with the Shaw team was a great experience. It was streamlined, and all of our needs were accommodated. The installation team was professional, and the project was completed very quickly,” said Casteel.

Installation at Diablo State Park was completed in July 2020. The field will be used mainly for soccer when the County Health Order is updated to allow such activities.

“I'm ecstatic Shaw Sports Turf could be involved with the Town of Danville. It was great to work with the maintenance and operations team to make the project happen. This will be something the town can be proud of for years to come," said Territory Manager, Matthew Cohen.

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