The First Athletic Metaverse Stadium to Metamorphose Sports & Fitness Industry

30 July 2022

First athletic competition is set to launch in Metaverse by US based Move to Earn platform. The first competition will be held for the 100 meter race among 45 participants. The virtual stadium specifically focuses on bringing athletes, brands, and speculators to one spot and connecting real life with the digital world. 

Runnera Move-to-Earn NFT platform is launching its first stadium in Metaverse in collaboration with Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Highlights of the projects 

Metaverse Stadium 

  • The Metaverse stadium encompasses various race tracks to organize 100m, 200m, and 500m races.
  • The virtual sports stadium involves 4,500+ visitors sitting capacity. 
  • The platform offers buying/selling of blockchain-secured tickets.
  • A museum is designed in the stadium to showcase top shots of the popular athletic events. 


  • Exclusive athletes' avatars or digital twins featured with 3D immersive technology enable participants to build a unique identity. 
  • Athletes will embark on their race with specially designed digital shoes connected to apps that count participants' steps throughout the race. 
  • Winners will be awarded with native tokens. 
  • Athletes can also sell their unique competition clips, autographs, and exclusive pictures on the NFT marketplace. 


  • Participants can sign up to view the event in their preferred language.
  • Participants can purchase jerseys to support athletes from the native NFT marketplace.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh Walia, Managing Director, Suffescom Solutions Inc., says, "This project will reshape the sports & fitness industry and motivate people to participate in competition globally." "We have assembled the best metaverse building technology and forward-thinking web3 platforms to ensure the biggest sports event of all time," he added. 

About Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. has been recognized several times for its achievements in blockchain technology. In May 2022, Hindustan Times awarded Suffescom Solutions Inc. with 'Emerging Web3 & Blockchain Company'.

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