The 9th World Kungfu Championships Held in Emeishan City of Sichuan Province

29 August 2023

On August 25, the 9th World Kungfu Championships kicked off in Emeishan City, Sichuan Province, China. Some 6,649 athletes and coaches from 53 countries and regions gathered in Emei to test their skills, learn from each other and foster friendship through martial arts.

Hailed as the "Olympic Games of Wushu", the World Kungfu Championships is held every two years, currently the largest, highest-level and most influential major sports event in the global wushu sphere. The Championships is organized by the International Wushu Federation and the Chinese Wushu Association. This is the third time for Emeishan City to organize such event after successfully hosting the 7th and 8th World Kungfu Championships in 2017 and 2019.

The competition this year consists of domestic and overseas events, and individual, duilian (Choreographed Sparring) and jiti Events (Group Routine), covering multiple schools of traditional wushu. Of these, individual events are divided into men and women groups, and competitors are classified into five age brackets of children, teenagers, juniors, middle-aged adults and seniors.

During the competition, Emeishan City will issue "Enjoy Emei" consumption coupons, and hold a series of exciting activities such as Golden Summit Swords and Wushu Exhibition and Performance Show, Wushu Kungfu Performance Show, Wushu Masters Forum, AI Wushu Interactive Experience, Wushu Cultural Tourism Commodity Exhibition, Cultural Tourism and Sports Site Exploration and Observation.

Emeishan City is the seat of the eponymous world cultural and natural heritage Mount Emei, an Excellent Tourism City of China and Home of Advanced Wushu of China. With a history of three thousand years and a unique style of "coupling strength with gentleness, accomplished both internally and externally", Emei wushu is well-known as one of the three major wushu schools in China alongside Shaolin and Wudang. Since 2008, Emei wushu has been inscribed on the list of national intangible cultural heritage, becoming a brilliant cultural symbol of Emeishan City.