The 18th China International Mountain Sports Open starts in Chongqing in southwest China

11 September 2023

The 18th China International Mountain Outdoor Sports Open (Chongqing Wulong) 2023 "AITO Cup" and a series of activities to celebrate the event's 20th anniversary were held on September 7 opened in the Wulong District of the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing.

A total of 60 sports teams from 14 countries and regions, including New Zealand, France, Brazil, the Netherlands and Australia, will take part in the event, which runs until September 11, according to the Wulong District Publicity Department.

The China International Mountain Outdoor Sports Open is a premier event in international mountain sports and has a 20-year history since its first edition in 2003, with over 400 sports teams from more than 70 countries and regions taking part.

In addition to the China International Mountain Outdoors Sports Open, Wulong also hosts a public hiking event, the 2023 Hiking China National Hiking Gathering.

The route is embedded in Wulong's unique mountain landscape and integrates rivers and lakes to achieve a deep integration of sports and tourism and an organic combination of natural resources and sports industry.

Wulong has been designated as a world natural heritage and first-class rural tourism destination, a national 5A tourist attraction, a national tourism resort, a national demonstration area for promoting cross-regional tourism and ecological development, and an innovative model for practicing the concept of “the invaluable value of green mountains and "clear waters". It has also won 10 awards in areas such as outdoor sports and mountain hiking.

wulong district strives to develop into a world famous tourist destination and a demonstration area of green development innovation by promoting the third major reform of wulong tourism industry under the leadership of internationalization.

Looking forward, Wulong will continue to leverage the integration of sports and tourism through events such as the China International Mountain Outdoor Sports Open and Hiking China.

Further efforts will be made to develop mountain sports, outdoor sports on ice and snow and other sports, accelerate the construction of the Fairy Mountain national sports base, and create a new development pattern of the outdoor sports industry.