Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association & Blast Motion Partner for Remote Coaching & Player Development

5 June 2020

The Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association (THSBCA) and Blast Motion, the leader in swing analysis, player development, and remote coaching, announced a multi-year partnership to make Blast the Official Swing Analyzer of THSBCA. Blast and THSBCA have a common goal of bringing the baseball community and players together to help young athletes swing with a purpose, compete, and have fun. THSBCA coaches will have the ability to stay connected with their players, while allowing players to continue their development at home. Players will also have the opportunity to participate in virtual developmental hitting competitions, powered by Blast, that will let them compete with their peers, showcase their skills, and improve as hitters.

“The THSBCA has always worked to further the knowledge and awareness of baseball, at all levels, and we see Blast as providing players with an incredible tool to help them understand and improve their swing,” said Rex Sanders, Executive Director at THSBCA. “When coaches use Blast with their teams, we’re enabling them to have access to the same swing analysis information used by MLB teams. They also get a chance to work with players while they are away from the field, allowing them to help hold players accountable for their own individual training. This is an opportunity for both coaches and players to benefit, and it directly helps us advance our mission for the baseball community.”

The Blast solution is designed to help coaches evaluate and improve a player’s swing through automatic swing quality assessments, video analysis and comparisons, 3D swing tracer visualizations, and personalized performance reports.

“We are thrilled to partner alongside the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association,” said Jeff Fallis, VP, Sales, at Blast Motion. “Blast technology helps aspiring athletes better understand their swing and shorten the feedback loop, both in practice and in-game. Athletes that want to take their game to the next level need continual, unbiased feedback on their performance. We look forward to bringing these benefits to coaches and players across the state of Texas, while working with THSBCA on our shared mission to grow the game.”

About Blast Motion
Based in Carlsbad, California, Blast Motion is an information company that provides motion analysis and performance insights. By intelligently combining the bio-mechanics of movement with sensor data, video capture technology, and cloud-based software services, Blast has redefined the way people coach, recruit, train, analyze, and improve their game. For additional information on Blast Motion, please visit: blastmotion.com

About the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association
In 1972 an energetic group of high school coaches and scouts gathered in Waco to formulate new ideas for the promotion and improvement of high school baseball in Texas. Over the past 49 years the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association (THSBCA) has grown in every division of baseball and is one of the fastest growing baseball associations in the country with over 3,700 members. For more information on THSBCA, please visit: www.thsbca.com

Donovan Prostrollo
Senior Director, Marketing
Blast Motion
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