Sweetkiwi Welcomes Basketball Phenom Mercy Miller as its Newest Brand Ambassador

23 January 2024

Sweetkiwi, a pioneer in the health-conscious dessert industry, proudly announces its Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal with rising basketball star Mercy Miller potentially worth $1.4 million. This strategic partnership highlights Sweetkiwi's dedication to promoting healthy lifestyles among young athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Mercy Miller, known for his impressive basketball talent and influence in the youth sports community, perfectly represents Sweetkiwi's ethos. His commitment to maintaining peak fitness and choosing healthy diets aligns with the brand's core values. This collaboration aims to inspire young athletes and fans to enjoy healthier dessert options without compromising taste.

Mercy Miller expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: "I'm thrilled to partner with Sweetkiwi. Their focus on health and flavor mirrors my lifestyle on and off the court. I'm eager to introduce these fantastic products and our shared values to a wider audience."

Ehime Eigbe, Founder and CEO of Sweetkiwi, commented: "Having Mercy Miller as our brand ambassador is a perfect match. His dedication to health and wellness reflects our brand's mission. We're excited to collaborate with him and make a positive impact together."

Michael Akindele, Director of Growth and Partnerships at Sweetkiwi, stated: "Our alliance with Mercy Miller is a pivotal move to influence the younger generation. His widespread appeal will enable us to extend our reach and promote a healthy, active lifestyle that is vital for youth today."

Charles Singleton Jr., CEO of TreImage, and Michelle Stokes, CEO of Clinch Entertainment, shared: "Facilitating this partnership between Sweetkiwi and Mercy Miller is a significant achievement for us. It underscores our commitment to creating synergistic relationships that drive success and innovation in the industry."

About Sweetkiwi
Sweetkiwi is a beacon and pioneer in the health-focused dessert sector. Committed to using only high-quality, natural ingredients, Sweetkiwi offers a range of nutritious frozen treats that have captivated health-conscious consumers nationwide. Its products are available in over 2,000 retail stores, including Whole Foods, Walmart, and others, showcasing the brand's growing popularity and the demand for healthier dessert options. Learn more at sweetkiwi.com.

About TreImage
TreImage, under the leadership of CEO Charles Singleton Jr., is a dynamic force in licensing, branding, and marketing, especially in uplifting urban brands. With the motto "We eat what we kill," TreImage is committed to relentless pursuit and shared success in all its ventures.

About Clinch Entertainment
Clinch Entertainment specializes in innovative talent representation and brand partnerships. The company plays a critical role in forging successful collaborations in the entertainment industry, contributing to growth and success for both artists and brands.

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