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Swansea City Partners with NormaTec for Cutting Edge Recovery Technology

Wednesday, Feb 01, 2017

Swansea City has teamed up with leading sports technology company NormaTec to improve the squad's conditioning and recovery process.

The club has invested in state-of-the-art NormaTec PULSE PRO Systems for the players to utilize before and after training to rejuvenate muscle tissue, dramatically reduce tightness and soreness and ultimately speed up the recovery process.

"As a club we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive athlete management,'' explained Swansea City's head of performance, Richard Buchanan. "And a significant facet in achieving successful athlete management is the utilization of effective recovery interventions."

"The regular use and positive feedback from our players on the NormaTec PULSE PRO recovery units means they have now become an essential component in our recovery protocols. The players find the system a really easy and effective way to reduce muscle soreness and maximize recovery between training sessions.''

Gilad Jacobs, CEO of NormaTec, added: "We are honored to team up with Swansea City and help them in their Premier League challenge. NormaTec is proud that our technology is giving the players the ability to recover faster in between training and games to reach their goals on the field."

About NormaTec

NormaTec Recovery Systems are cutting edge compression solutions that enhance the body's natural ability to recover. The NormaTec Systems utilize a patented massage pattern— "NormaTec Pulse Technology." Using NormaTec's full-length leg compression boots, arms, and hips before or after intense workouts and games rejuvenates muscle tissue and dramatically reduces tightness and soreness.

Invented by an MD, PhD and perfected by professional athletes, NormaTec recovery systems are the go-to equipment for the world's best and the face of recovery within elite athletic spheres everywhere.

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