Super Squares® Classics’ Beta Kickoff Scores Big with Users; Winners Drawn from Across Sports Fan Spectrum

1 June 2020

On Monday evening, over 200 invited media, sports, brands and agency insiders, along with a cross-section of sports fans, were treated to a first look at React LLC’s new “Classics” version of its Super Squares® live mobile Game Show. As the results and data generated began to be analyzed, a central theme emerged: Attention level, not gender, age, or even football knowledge, determined the likelihood of winning.

According to React’s Commissioner of Sports Matt Birk, the beta game surpassed his own expectations and perceptions about the ability of Super Squares® to excite audiences across the entire fan spectrum. “First, I had a chance to play against friends and family and saw firsthand the adrenaline rush that Super Squares® creates. And it did it, during a game most fans would have not otherwise watched.” After the results were tabulated, Birk reviewed the diverse demographic characteristics of the nine Game Group winners. “I knew that in the original [2018] market test, females played and performed at a superior level, which is unusual given the heavy male-dominated audience for most sports apps. I had to see it for myself,” notes Birk. “This is a major success; it looks like we have created a game that can fully engage the broadest level of fan base imaginable… there’s not another app I know of that can provide networks, even the NFL, with something as broadly appealing as Super Squares®.”

Birk, along with React Chief Content Officer Tim Sabean, and CEO Frank Maggio, discussed the Beta Game results and more during a live interview last afternoon with J.P. Peterson of “The JP Show” on AM820 in Tampa Bay. Portions of the interview can be heard HERE.

WINNER ANALYSIS: The breakdown of the list of invited VIPs (and fans that gained access) to the beta game was consistent with the 80/20 male/female ratio of most sports apps. However, the highest score of the evening went to a female fan, Pam Bozeman of Biloxi, Mississippi. Pam’s 53.4809 score earned first place in her 25-person Game Group, and because her evening’s game included scoring a “Perfect Super Square” (matching perfectly the score at the end of a quarter), she became a Finalist for the event’s Grand Prize. Bozeman claimed the Grand Prize as well. After the game ended, Pam shared that she found the app “Cool… with engaging app design and graphics.” The ad experience was a positive one, as well: “…Advertisements are short and not burdensome—I actually enjoyed watching all but a couple.”

Another Game Group winner, nationally recognized New York City-based sports personality Scott Ferrall, had an entirely different approach to winning, but persevered to win a Collector’s edition Super Squares® autographed football. “I couldn’t believe how seamless the app worked… I started late, in the 2nd quarter, and still ended up winning my Game Group. I was stoked to win.” Having made a career covering all professional sports, the host of two live video streaming shows on SportsGrid, “Coast to Coast” and “In-Game Live,” had high praise for the success of the app this fall: “Super Squares® is really fun. It’s a lot like fantasy football in that everyone is going to play it and have more fun than just watching the game.”

The Super Squares® Classics beta event provided fans with exposure to some of the more creative advertising being talked about on the Internet. As with all Super Squares® games, in-app ads were presented as content, with ad-based quiz questions each quarter providing important game show points to players, when answered correctly. Fans evaluate each ad and award from 1 to 3 stars as they advance through a two to three-minute Game Break, five times over the course of a football game broadcast. As a result, React and participating brands and agencies gain census-level fan sentiment measurement, in addition to validation of ad delivery, viewing (and replaying), and engagement.

React will release a recap of ad performance and engagement on Monday, June 1st.

About React
Founded by adtech and media measurement maverick Frank Maggio, React LLC is an experiential advertising technology and entertainment company that thinks of “advertising as a sport™.” By adrenalizing advertising™, React excites audiences with rewarding, branded two-screen experiences during the most viewed and attended sporting and media events in the world. The company’s commitment to “respect, protect, and reward attention” honors user privacy by never selling or sharing personally identifiable information. Details about React can be found at, and Super Squares® details are available at