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StrikeTec Brings Interactive Data to the Fight with Advanced MMA & Boxing Wearable

Thursday, Jan 19, 2017

StrikeTec introduces the most advanced wearable tech sensors for boxing and MMA, bringing game changing capabilities with interactive performance stats and new opportunities for fan engagement. Available for pre-order in February 2017, StrikeTec measures the speed, power, count and type of each strike thrown and landed. In real-time, strike data is also converted into averages and performance stats that can be viewed daily / weekly / monthly and compared round by round.

StrikeTec debuted the namesake product during CES 2017. The invitation-only unveiling and live demo event was headlined by undefeated WBC Continental Americas Champion boxer, Ryan "Blue Chip" Martin, at Las Vegas' Wand Fight Team Gym. Using the small, lightweight wrist sensors, attendees struck the heavyweight bag while the undefeated champion provided sparring tips. Individual strike data was calculated and streamed in real-time to display interactive performance stats while demonstrating exactly how each participant's strikes improved.

"This brings a whole new level of competition to boxing," said Martin, a keen StrikeTec user, on the next-generation technology. "Hitting harder than the next guy, and seeing the numbers in that moment, gives me another push to fight that much stronger."

StrikeTec is the only wearable sensor in combat sports to be approved by the Nevada Athletic Commission - the World's most prestigious boxing association. Millions of viewers watched as StrikeTec was repeatedly streamed for live broadcast, successfully headlining on DirecTV's Big Knockout Boxing (BKB) league, powering the dubbed "Hit Chip" technology.

"We are excited to introduce StrikeTec and unite fans and fighters around the world with a new layer of interactive stats for the most accurate measurement of performance," said StrikeTec founder and CEO Wes Elliott.

Among a powerful set of user benefits, StrikeTec allows people to eliminate guess work, monitor progress, streamline results and ultimately hit their personal peak performance. Strike data is sent in real-time over Bluetooth to the StrikeTec app; where users can compare interactive performance stats against friends and professional athletes, track technique improvements and optimize training programs.

StrikeTec brings over 6 years of development to ensure the unique needs of combat sports professionals are met with its game changing technology. StrikeTec has collaborated with an all-star team of engineers, data scientists, and physicists, as well as world-class coaches, Olympic athletes, and world champion fighters to deliver industry-leading technology that's trusted by the pros.

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