SSB and Sports Alliance Partner to Offer Global Best Practice Hub for the Sports Industry

12 February 2021

SSB, a leading U.S. CRM, data management and analytics company specializing in professional and collegiate sports, and Sports Alliance, a Europe-based technology and marketing firm focused on professional sports leagues, have partnered to integrate their respective offers into a global best practices hub that grows loyalty, engagement and revenue through big data management, relationship development, and digital marketing strategies tailored to the sports industry.

The partnership offers an industry-leading intuitive and robust fan relationship toolkit that helps sports organizations organize and personalize targeted campaigns that provide a demonstrated return on investment. The respective offerings set the new global standard for data integration, segmented marketing and digital identification and will be used to support clubs as well as their marketing agencies and media partners. This equips organizations to build stronger partnerships with sponsors through a global marketing network that opens the door for new sponsor relationships and allows marketing teams to deploy objective-based communications using proven, omnichannel campaigns.

In an industry historically driven by attendance and sponsors for revenue, organizations were forced to find new ways to engage with fans in meaningful, personal, and profitable ways. Working with over 125 U.S. teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA, and MLS, SSB has galvanized fan relationships through Discovery CRM and streamlined sponsorship fulfillment and management with Sponsorship Central, a platform that is trusted by dozens of sports teams, including the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals. Sponsorship partnerships now require a data-driven reporting approach that quantifies a return on investment. A clean data foundation, robust relationship management and omnichannel marketing are critical steps in a team’s ability to personalize outreach and monetize a loyal fan base.

“SSB understands how important personalization is to building fan loyalty and how vital successful sponsorship partners are to the lifeblood of any sports organization,” says Anthony Khan, CEO of Sports Alliance. “We will now be able to offer a custom platform to monitor, manage and report on sponsorship fulfillment alongside omnichannel marketing capabilities that personalize engagement and build sponsor relationships with supporters.”

Sports Alliance works with over 140 sports brands across nine countries in Europe and South America to develop loyalty through its proprietary marketing platforms, Campaign and Campaign Assistant. Each marketing campaign created by a team is saved to a central database for client access, offering thousands of campaign templates with individual success metrics for other teams to repurpose or review. Whether it is a marketing campaign to boost fan engagement with sponsors, membership numbers or merchandise promotions, countless templates are available.

“Teaming up with Sports Alliance offers U.S. teams the opportunity to take advantage of an invaluable marketing database of best practices across hundreds of sports organizations, taking the guesswork out of marketing strategy and planning,” says Mike Banville, CEO of SSB. “Sports organizations can leverage this insight and campaign analysis to create new and meaningful ways to connect with their fans.”

To learn more about the offerings of SSB and Sports Alliance, join an hour-long webinar on March 11, 2021. Visit to register.

About SSB
SSB maximizes revenue and fundraising efforts for the higher education, collegiate athletics, professional sports and nonprofit industries through data management, data analytics, gift matching and CRM products and services. SSB provides ongoing access to relevant, real-time data and business intelligence that can be easily implemented toward driving fundraising and revenue goals. SSB serves over 1,500+ professional sports organizations, collegiate athletic departments, higher education institutions and non-profits. SSB was named the 2017 Microsoft U.S. Education Partner of the Year and is a contracted provider through E&I Cooperative Services. SSB is backed by Austin-based private equity firm Strattam Capital, and has offices in Denver, Nashville, and the Washington DC area. Learn more at or visit LinkedIn or Twitter.

About Sports Alliance
Founded in 2002, Sports Alliance has grown steadily to now serve over 140 individual sports brands across 9 separate countries or territories, from the home in the UK to Europe and the Americas. With almost two decades of experience, Sports Alliance helps sport clubs use technology, analysis and marketing insight to enhance fan satisfaction and revenue generation. Sports Alliance provides end-to-end fan relationship management tools in the areas of CRM & Marketing, Digital, Loyalty and Commercial, designed specifically for sport marketers. Sports Alliance populates these tools with proven successful approaches to marketing sports products direct to known fan segments. In the end, Sports Alliance helps clubs to personalize sport. Learn more about Sports Alliance at or visit LinkedIn.