SquadLocker Selected to Transform Customization & Fulfillment of Apparel & Gear for OneTeam Youth Operating As Under the Lights Flag Football Powered by Under Armour

24 February 2022

SquadLocker, a leading custom apparel and gear software and fulfillment service, has formed a strategic licensing partnership with Under the Lights Flag Football to modernize and transform the purchase, customization, and fulfillment of apparel and gear for Under the Lights coaches, members, and fans.

With over 70,000 participants across North America, Under the Lights Flag Football is a national youth flag football league for kids in 1st-8th grade, with the emphasis on promoting a competitive, confidence building, non-contact experience for both boys and girls of all skill levels. With SquadLocker’s always-open online retail store technology and fulfillment, Under the Lights Flag Football can provide an enhanced customer experience for coaches, parents, players and fans by giving them the flexibility they need in ordering and fulfillment.

“We know that coaches, admins, and parents want rapid, direct to home fulfillment for last minute registrations and replacing lost uniforms. The current market fails to deliver on those needs,” said SquadLocker President, Scott Brazina. “By partnering with Under the Lights Flag Football, our customer facing software, combined with single unit customization and on demand fulfillment, provides an integrated solution optimized to serve those needs.”

“OneTeam Youth is proud to partner with SquadLocker, which will help us deliver on our commitment to develop a growing presence in national youth sports and support the next generation of players,” said Brent Lowder, CEO of One Team Youth. “As one of the fastest growing youth flag football leagues in the country, we are thrilled to work with SquadLocker and together continue building an innovative, industry leading youth sports league. Their technology platform for online retailing, customization and fulfillment of apparel and gear is the solution we were looking for to reduce friction for all.”

The three-year licensing partnership and always-open online retail store technology launches on February 28, 2022.

About SquadLocker:

SquadLocker is a tech-led custom apparel and gear software and fulfillment service company transforming the way sports organizations, schools, and businesses develop and distribute custom goods. Through its collaborative software platform, SquadLocker offers a suite of free services that free up time, offer brand control, and alleviate the burdens of managing and distributing custom apparel and goods. SquadLocker is powered by a team focused on helping teachers, coaches, mentors, and youth leaders win back time to help every kid realize and reach their full potential. To learn more, visit squadlocker.com.

About OneTeam Youth:

OneTeam Youth, a global youth sports company, which owns and operates Under the Lights Flag Football, an international youth flag football league for boys and girls from K-12th grade. Youth flag football has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years as more parents decided to delay entering their children into full contact football programs until they are older and more developed. The sport also enjoys a growing percentage of female athletes who compete on all-girls teams or mixed teams. OneTeam Partners, a majority owner of OneTeam Youth, is a joint venture between the NFL Players Association, MLB Players Association and RedBird Capital Partners, which represents a range of commercial and professional sports business interests.

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