Sports Social Networking App TropheCase Allows Athletes to Build Connections and Resumes While Sports Are on Hold

15 April 2020

While sports at all levels have been postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic, athletes can remain active and prepare for the return of competition with TropheCase. The free social networking app created for athletes, by athletes allows members to build resumes, share accolades and network with other players and sports affiliates, empowering them to grow their personal brands and build their communities.

TropheCase was founded in 2019 to address the need for athletes to have a dedicated digital space to build their competitive profiles. TropheCase combines aspects of multimedia content with stats and achievements in a sports-centric platform to allow players to track and share their progress. This digital portfolio can be used as a valuable tool for athletes to revolutionize the way they build their individual brand, and will transform how sports affiliates, schools, scouts, coaches and brands search, connect and work with players throughout their athletic evolution.

"As a multisport athlete, I founded TropheCase to provide a platform that puts athletes first," said Hunter Moffat, founder and CEO of TropheCase. "We know players are eager to get back to their sports during this unprecedented lapse in play. Though competition may be on pause, we encourage athletes everywhere to elevate their presence on and off the field in just a few short minutes by creating a TropheCase profile."

TropheCase is designed for athletes of all ages and levels, from youth sports through the pros. The platform is intended to showcase long-term career achievements for generations to come. The app represents more than 85 men's and women's sports categories, including everything from baseball, football and basketball to cheerleading, mixed martial arts and even eSports.

"As an NFL Analyst, I've dedicated my life to studying film on thousands of players from all levels of sports," said Ron Jaworski, former ESPN analyst and NFL quarterback. "An app like TropheCase is a phenomenal asset to young athletes looking to advance their game and showcase their skills to reach the next level."

The fun and engaging social network features an interface that integrates players' information into a digital trading card. Members can upload stats, schedules and multimedia, such as photos, videos and highlight reels, and easily promote the content to increase visibility. A recent update to the platform also provides quicker access to the most relevant sports information for members.

To join, download TropheCase from your mobile app store, or visit for more information.

About TropheCase
Created for athletes, by athletes. TropheCase is the easiest way to build, showcase and capture an athlete's evolution in the digital age, with 85+ men's and women's sports categories, from youth and high school to the pros. The social media platform empowers athletes as the content creators for their personal brand, further expansion and envied sports dreams, leveling the playing field, closing the gap for athletes and sports affiliates at every age, level and sport.

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