Sports & Entertainment Company Debuts Channel on Leading Streaming Platform Atmosphere

23 September 2021, the fastest growing sports and entertainment company on the planet with more than 100 million followers globally, is now available on Atmosphere, the worldwide leader in streaming TV for businesses, the companies announced today. Already a top sports partner to Snap, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, this deal significantly expands’s distribution footprint to reach Atmosphere’s 25 million monthly viewers. Atmosphere’s streaming platform, which is specifically designed for viewing in public spaces, provides highly engaging, audio-optional TV programming to more than 13,000 restaurants, bars, gyms, hotels, doctors’ offices and other venues across the country.

The new channel features user-generated segments from the following popular media brands:

BUCKETS: The home of professional basketball, BUCKETS is for the informed fan who can't get enough of pro-level play. BUCKETS is the friend who always has an opinion on what's going on on the court. Highlights, coverage, and more of global basketball's most interesting stories, BUCKETS is where it's at.
FTBL: From the pub to the pitch, FTBL is the voice of the global soccer community spotlighting incredible tricks and “tekkers” done at home by real fans and players.
GYM HEROES: GYM HEROES shows just how incredible everyday people are with incredible fitness stories from ordinary people who prove hard work pays off. From inspiring weight loss transformations, to awe-inspiring physiques, and freakish feats of strength, GYM HEROES proves there's a hero in all of us.
JUKES: JUKES is the home for football phenoms that don't play on Sunday...yet. JUKES is the perfect video for the digital native football fan. is the front page to the wide world of sports like it’s never seen. From classics like football and basketball to sports like strongman and competitive arm wrestling, is the home for young sports fans.
“When it comes to sports, we already dominate on social media platforms and expanding our tremendously popular IP to digital platforms like Atmosphere is a durable next step in the evolution of our business strategy,” said Brian Verne, co-founder and co-CEO of “We continue to challenge traditional notions of sports and entertainment media with our content and distribution strategy that is uniquely tailored to Gen Z and millennial audiences, and we look forward to engaging with even more fans through our partnership with Atmosphere.”

“’s ability to capture every type of sports fan mirrors Atmosphere’s talents in out-of-home,” said Leo Resig, co-founder and CEO of Atmosphere. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with a company just as dedicated to challenging tradition and finding new ways to reach audiences as we are.”

Atmosphere streams an aggregate of more than 250,000 hours of programming per day across 52 channels of both owned and partner content, reaching over 17 million unique viewers every month. Atmosphere retail clients include Westin, Hilton, McDonald’s and thousands of other businesses of all sizes. Atmosphere provides venues with TV hardware and programming for free, monetizing its content through its proprietary advertising platform and through paid subscriptions, which allow venues to run their own ads during programming breaks. Earlier this year, Atmosphere raised $25 million in a Series B funding round led by Valor Equity Partners which at a $275 million valuation.

About Atmosphere

Atmosphere is a free streaming multi-channel platform for businesses offering over 50 original and partner TV channels licensed for global, commercial venue usage. Atmosphere also provides value added features for venue operators including a digital signage feature for businesses to run their house promotions within the content and a paid ads-free version. The platform was developed using proprietary content, technology and data to deliver unparalleled experiences for businesses, consumers and advertisers. The business was incubated within Chive Media Group as CHIVE TV and spun out in 2019 into Atmosphere. For more information, visit


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