Siena And St. Bonaventure To Launch New National Sports Fanship Survey

2 February 2023

The Siena College Research Institute and St. Bonaventure University's Jandoli School of Communication today announced the launch of a new nationwide "American Sports Fanship Survey."

Findings will be released beginning Friday, February 3. More than 3,200 people participated in the survey, which was conducted between Jan. 3-8, 2023.
The survey will be released in three parts:

  • Friday, February 3 – Sports Fanship and Football
  • How many Americans consider themselves fans
  • Levels of sports fanship, how and how often
  • Questions specific to professional football, including favorite teams and players, why, how much we watch football and what does football teach us
  • Monday, February 6 – All Things Super Bowl
  • The myriad ways fans engage with the game
  • Who will watch, and why
  • The commercials, half-time shows, wagering, parties and food
  • Wednesday, February 8 – Societal and Cultural Issues (Football)

Is the game too violent/players' health and well-being?
Social and political issues
Fantasy football/wagering
Releases will provide the original data, commentary as well as usable infographics for key findings.

Readers will be able to follow a link and take a quick and enjoyable survey and instantly be shown whether they are an Avid Fan, an Involved Fan, a Casual Fan or a Non-Fan.

The American Sports Fanship Survey marks the first research collaboration between these two Franciscan academic institutions. It builds on the Siena College Research Institute's four decades of leadership in public opinion polling and the St. Bonaventure Jandoli School's renowned sports journalism and communication programs.

"Sports are a dominant cultural force and this survey reveals numerous important insights," said Aaron Chimbel, dean of the Jandoli School. "I am so glad we were able to partner with Siena to use the many strengths of both institutions to help the public better understand sports and its role in our society."

"Sports are central to so many of us. This survey measures and reports on how important sports are to us in general and how so many of us look forward to and participate with one sporting event, the Super Bowl," said Don Levy, Director of the Siena College Research Institute.