Shaw Sports Turf Introduces Game ON Revolutionary Turf System – Individuality Built in

23 March 2022

Shaw Sports Turf has announced the launch of Game ON, a revolutionary innovation in the way that artificial turf fields are produced.

This new advancement in artificial turf fields ushers in the future, a completely new way to look at field design; Game ON technology is only available from Shaw Sports Turf. With this technology, lines, numbers, hash marks, and logos are tufted in. These advancements allow for enhanced design capabilities, increased branding opportunities, and a higher level of performance.

With a traditional synthetic turf playing surface, details like numbers and hash marks are cut and then glued or sewn into the field; these pieces are referred to as inlays. Though this method is secure and accepted, the potential for the inlays to come apart is a concern and something that maintenance crews everywhere have to deal with.

Game ON eliminates this concern making maintenance easier as well as elevating the overall performance of the field with less cut in areas.

In addition to the safety and performance aspect, this technology allows for an enhanced level of design never before possible with turf playing surfaces. Large logos, watermarks, and mow patterns are all possible and give any school the ability to really showcase its brand in a whole new way.

Game ON’s club-level experience allows for a more comprehensive service program. Customers work one-on-one with a designer to get the look just right with this elite technology and experience. Available in 23 standard colors including six greens divided into two recommended family choices for mow patterns and watermarks. Custom colors are available upon special order.

“With Game ON every school has the opportunity to create something that is a true differentiator. When that was presented to me I was so excited to see what we could do,” said Kyle Newton, Superintendent Warren Local School District.

Chuck McClurg, Executive Vice President, Shaw Turf stated, “We’ve spent considerable time listening to customer needs, carefully assessing market needs, and examining additional opportunities for our products. Thanks to this deliberate development process, Game ON delivers a high-quality product designed with multiple benefits that give schools that extra ability of self-expression.”

Game ON is available nationwide. To learn more visit or contact your local Shaw Sports Turf territory manager.

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