SEI SmartSpring™ Technology Adapted for Winter Sports Equipment

22 April 2020

SEI is pleased to announce that as of April 21st, 2020, the company has licensed the rights from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) to two new international patent filings. Both patents take advantage of SEI's SmartSpring™ technology and apply these engineering innovations to ice skating and skiing, to make these winter sports safer for all participants.

SEI believes that technologies invented by Professor Christopher Brown, SEI Director of R&D Tristin Carlton, and WPI engineering students are novel, superior ways to address injuries and performance in both ice skating and skiing.

The first of these two new patents is entitled "Ski Binding Suspension System for Vertical Load Transmission." Lower leg injuries such as tibial plateau bruises and fractures as well as back injuries such as spinal fractures have become more common with skis and boots that facilitate carving like those for racing. The concept described in the patent is designed to absorb potentially injurious loads while transmitting the loads for control and performance. The system activates, absorbing energy that might otherwise cause catastrophic injuries, through the displacement of specially designed smart springs. Chatter can also be mitigated, improving performance and reducing repetitive stress type injuries.

The second patent is entitled "Articulating Skate Blade." Horizontal impacts are common in ice hockey and can cause lower leg injuries such as ligament tears. The technology described in this patent is a self-recovering, impact-absorption system for ice skates. The blade folds laterally or medially, under sufficient load, to absorb impacts that could otherwise cause injury. Blades recover to the normal skating position when loads are removed. This is the first ice skating blade that SEI is aware of that provides load absorption.

SEI has now licensed an issued patent, a continuation in part (CIP), 2 provisional patents, and 6 worldwide pending patents from WPI.

Sports Engineering, Inc (SEI) is a sports technology company that specializes in identifying, developing and commercializing innovative and disruptive sports technologies, and associated intellectual property. The Company owns the exclusive marketing and manufacturing rights to the SmartSpring™ suite of technologies developed by WPI. SEI is the first company to introduce a unique sole design that protects against catastrophic knee and ankle injuries while maintaining performance. Their revolutionary nonlinear tunable spring systems control load transmissions at the critical level when ordinary playing loads are exceeded and the potential for injury increases.

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