Schutt Sports Launches Multiple Splash Shield Products

7 August 2020

Schutt Sports, one of the world's leading manufacturers of protective equipment, announces the launch of three new Splash Shield products, the Field Sports Splash Shield, the Men's Lacrosse Splash Shield and the Sunglass/Eyeglass Splash Shield. Following the successful debut of Schutt's Splash Shield designed specifically for football earlier this year, these products offer athletes, coaches, umpires and referees some protection from potentially harmful droplets caused by talking, sneezing and coughing in close proximity.

"Our first line of Splash Shields was created for football, and it is now being worn in all levels of play from Pop Warner leagues to the NFL," said Kip Meyer, general manager for Schutt Sports. "We want to continue to build on our innovation with a new line of Splash Shields available for multiple sports and their athletes. We believe sports help provide a critical part of growth and development, and we wanted to create a product that helps athletes and coaches get back on the field sooner."

The Field Sports Splash Shield is a uniquely designed mask that optimizes both comfort and protection and can be worn by players, coaches and officials in a variety of sports. The Men's Lacrosse Splash Shield will attach directly to the faceguard. Not only will the new Lacrosse Splash Shield fit all configurations of STX/Schutt helmets and all other lacrosse helmets, but these shields are light weight, easy to attach and clean and inexpensive enough to be disposable. The Sunglass/Eyeglass Splash Shield will fit almost all configurations of glasses, which is ideal for players, coaches, umpires and referees. 

These new Splash Shields, made of a clear optical material, are assembled in the U.S. Schutt will make these products available for sale by mid-August through its dealer network as well as online. 

Schutt Sports also announced a distribution agreement with Python Wrap earlier this summer for the Python Facemask. This facemask provides a unique balance between enhanced breathability and filtration, specifically designed for athletic or workout use. The combination of the Schutt Splash Shields and Python Facemasks provide multiple levels and options of protection for various activities and sports.

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About Schutt Sports
Schutt Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of protective equipment in the world, including football helmets, shoulder pads, protective apparel and padding, and much more. Over 35% of the players in the NFL wear Schutt products, including over 50% of the skill position players in the league. Schutt Sports is the only major helmet manufacturer to advance beyond traditional foam padding, instead using TPU (thermoplastic urethane) Cushioning, which has been proven to absorb more impact across a wider variety of temperatures than any other helmet system on the field. Schutt Sports is also the Official Base Supplier to Major League Baseball and is the largest domestic maker of batting helmets in the U.S.

About Python Wrap
Python Wrap is a subsidiary of Kranos Acquisition Corporation, the parent company of Schutt Sports.  Python Wrap manufactur