Say Hello to 'Hello SportsTech'

23 October 2020

SportsTechX announced the launch of their latest initiative, Hello SportsTech, a consumer-focused platform with a mission to highlight innovative solutions for tech-savvy consumers hoping to upgrade their sports and fitness experiences.

Hello SportsTech launched with the release of its first five detailed tech reviews of the m-station football rebounder from Munin Sports, the AI-powered basketball app from HomeCourt, the indoor running device by MoonRun, the MyKicks augmented football app from Formalytics and the running audio guide, Runnin’City. While the first few videos feature solutions focused on a diverse range of activities such as running, fitness, football (soccer), and basketball, there are still more activities to come including sports like cycling. Within each review, viewers can expect to learn about the company behind each solution and its core mission along with the experiences of the Hello SportsTech team (amateurism and all). Each video concludes with key takeaways highlighted for viewers to better understand the product or app and consider before downloading or purchasing the solution for themselves.

“With Hello SportsTech, our goal is to showcase all the cool tech that we constantly come across to the end-users, the athletes and the fans. After all, these are the people the solutions are actually for! The idea is to cut through the noise and provide clear answers to help the user decide if the solution is indeed for them.” - Benjamin Penkert, Founder of SportsTechX

With ample experience working within the industry, SportsTechX founder, Benjamin Penkert and Co-founder, Rohn Malhotra have now set out to use their industry knowledge to help consumers learn about new and innovative solutions they may not otherwise come across. Since 2017, the two have scanned thousands of startups all over the world in order to provide SportsTech enthusiasts with data and insights in original articles, podcasts and industry-leading reports.

After launching SportsTechDB, the leading comprehensive global database providing high-value market intelligence for investors and professionals in sports and adjacent industries to find startups and initiatives, the team is now bringing awareness of existing SportsTech solutions to consumers in search of tech to pair with their favorite sports and fitness activities.

“Over the last three years, SportsTechX has been committed to shining the spotlight on the SportsTech space. Through our reports and media channels we have consistently kept our followers up-to-date with the latest trends from around the world. And all this is driven by researching great startups. Hello SportsTech is the logical next step for us to talk about them in even more depth.” - Rohn Malhotra, Co-Founder of SportsTechX

The team at SportsTechX has set out to help promote, grow and navigate the global SportsTech ecosystem by highlighting SportsTech startups and initiatives. They continue to achieve those goals through a steady commitment to creating new connections, formats and initiatives like that of Hello SportsTech.

Viewers can subscribe to Hello SportsTech on YouTube where the team will regularly release new detailed reviews. Viewers are also encouraged to check out the Hello SportsTech website to discover cool tech in the sports that they like to do and watch at

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Media Contact:
Briana Ekanem
Communications Manager, SportsTechX