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Safely Reduce Synthetic Turf Heat with Greenplay® Organic Infill

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2018

The two new synthetic soccer fields installed using Greenplay® organic infill blend perfectly with the adjacent natural grass field installed last year at UNC Wilmington. Transitioning from natural to synthetic turf with Greenplay installed is seamless with regards to performance and surface temperatures. The image shows side by side temperature readings between the two on a 95° day at the Recreational Field Complex.

With over 60 full sized fields worth of conclusive field testing, lab testing and testimonials from hundreds of coaches and players, GreenplaMedia Contact: Domenic Carapellay organic infill consistently provides the closest surface temperatures to natural grass with even lower core temperatures lasting late into the summer afternoons. Readings on even the hottest days consistently show temperature on a turf field with Greenplay infill to be within 20° of natural grass.

Concerns about excessive surface temperatures of synthetic turf continue to mount nationwide as reports of "dangerously hot" temperatures are being reported on local news programs such as Washington DC's Fox 5 recent reporting on local Elementary School fields with turf surface temperatures reading as high as 160 degrees. Last week at Monarch Stadium in West Virginia, 37 students were hospitalized for "heat-related" illnesses during mid-day band practice on turf.

Every year there are reports of student athletes collapsing and even dying from the excessive summer heat absorbed and reflected by synthetic turf playing fields with rubber or sand infill. Core body temperatures rise to dangerously high levels when exposed to the hot playing surface for prolonged periods of time, resulting in a decrease of blood flow to the heart along with dehydration to severely stress internal organs.

A synthetic turf playing surface consists of two main components, the plastic turf fibers and the bulk infill. The majority of the heat absorbed on the field is a direct result of the sun's radiation. The amount of heat generated is directly proportional to the density and quantity of the material absorbing this radiation. Heavier crumb rubber, plastic and sand filled fields absorb no moisture and generate the most heat.

By Contrast, low density; plant-based; chemical-free; Greenplay absorbs 150% of its weight in moisture from natural humidity, precipitation or irrigation. Long term testing has proven that utilizing Greenplay in a typical sports field can naturally store up to 30,000 gallons of water, a tremendous advantage with regards to environmental water management while providing long-term cooling through evaporation. From a dry state, only 9,000 gallons of water, about 10% of what is required for natural grass, is all that is needed to maintain the fields.

Greenplay Organics is a US based company that manufactures and distributes Gen 2 organic infill based on ten plus years of experience of working exclusively with organic infill for synthetic turf. With quality control as its top mandate, Greenplay Organics sources materials from exclusive pesticide free crops and blends by utilizing proprietary natural processing methods. Quality, performance and durability are vertically integrated starting with the control of the raw materials through processing and direct distribution. For more information, visit or contact at 516-223-0202.

Media Contact: Domenic Carapella
Greenplay Organics
(516) 223-0202