Revolutionary Sports Betting App 'Juice Reel' Changes the Game with Unique Set of Features to Track Bets in Real Time with the Best Lines, Always

15 September 2022

Juice Reel, an up-and-coming bet tracking, aggregation, and analytics platform, is taking the sports industry by storm with a new way to bet based on live community performance and statistics.  With unique features that have never been available on any other sports betting app, Juice Reel gives users an exciting advantage by tracking bets in real time and in one place, while accessing exclusive Crowdsourced Insights, which help the community to tail winners and fade historical losers at scale.

Available for free and interoperable with more than 250 sportsbooks, such as FanDuel, DraftKings and more, the app compiles all users' betting transactions across various platforms into one place, shows users the best lines available, and delivers real-time performance analytics on their bets as the games play out. By analyzing data across its robust community of sports bettors, the app can show users what side of the game the best performing users are taking and what side the worst performing users are taking. This remarkable feature is tried and tested – and it's working – with Juice Reel's Instagram show, "The Daily Juice," showcasing a 140-71 record, and recently a stunning 16-0 win streak.

"This app is one-of-a-kind in that not only does it compile information that you can only find separately across various betting apps, but it also serves as a community builder," said Ricky Gold, Founder and CEO of Juice Reel. "Every user across the platform benefits from this technology, not just the people at the top, which is something I'm truly proud of given that it has never existed before in the sports betting world."

29-year-old Gold launched Juice Reel in September 2021, with the app accruing over 20K downloads to date. Growing up around sports betting and following his roles at Google, EY and Accenture as a technology and data integration analyst, Gold recognized a massive white space in the sports betting world. By combining technology and robust data analytics, Gold provides bettors with a platform to improve their performance and bet smarter. His experience in the industry led to successfully securing investment and advisory from Cypress Ascendant, a strategic capital investment firm based in San Diego, in 2022 and continues to open up opportunities for the young entrepreneur.

To date, over 20,000+ bettors have downloaded the Juice Reel app, and the platform sees traffic of over 1,700+ daily active users. Juice Reel had noted in a report recently released by Truist Securities that its platform has already seen over $300M in betting handle synced into it from its userbase. Juice Reel's unique array of features, all centered around creatively collecting and analyzing betting data, is a key differentiator and has helped Gold's company gain traction amongst sports bettors looking to level up their results.

For more information about Juice Reel or to download the app, please visit Check out Juice Reel on Instagram and watch "The Daily Juice" live every day at @juice_reel_official or follow along on Twitter @juice_reel. More info can also be found on their YouTube and TikTok.

About Juice Reel
Founded by former technology and data integration analyst, Ricky Gold, Juice Reel is a sports-focused bet tracking, aggregation, and analytics platform that automatically syncs all users' books in one place. Launched in September 2021 with 20K app downloads to date, Juice Reel analyzes data across its robust community of sports bettors to elevate the activity of the most successful users and to fade the activity of the worst. With investment from strategic capital investment firm Cypress Ascendant, the app continues to grow and expand its community of bettors, and is proud to showcase The Best Lines, Always.

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