Revolutionary Complete System for Cleaning and Wastewater Treatment

2 July 2022

Roughly soiled surfaces cause running tracks and sports fields to lose their grip and athletes lose their grip on the ground as well. Serious injuries can result. That alone is reason enough to use the WashMatic WM800 ride-on machine. It is used for high-pressure water cleaning for synthetic sports surfaces, such as unfilled artificial turf, running tracks, multi-purpose playing fields or similar surfaces. With regular thorough deep cleaning, users secure decisive advantages:

- Significantly longer life cycle of the sports facility
- significantly reduced risk of injury for athletes
- Long-lasting sparkling clean appearance

The ideal solution consists of a double decision: the use of the WashMatic WM800 in combination with the new innovation ClearMatic CM1800.

SMG presented this machine duo at the leading global trade exhibition FSB in Cologne, which takes the cleaning of synthetic sports surfaces to a whole new level.

WashMatic WM800
The ride-on machine cleans synthetic sports surfaces using high pressure water and a patented rotating nozzle system.

The dirty water is then conveyed to the mobile cleaning unit:

ClearMatic CM1800
The mobile system treats, filters and drains the resulting dirty water from sludge.
The mobile treatment plant has a multi-stage system, the dirty water
thoroughly freed from pollutants from the cleaning machine. Like metals and microplastics, these are practically completely removed and the water is treated in such a way that it can be cleaned and fed back into the closed water circuit between the WM800 and the CM1800.

SMG is setting environmental awareness with this unique solution and is once again a good example on the world market.