Register Now for Our Fall Youth Soccer Leagues at The Soccer Box Dallas

21 August 2020

The Soccer Box Dallas is extremely excited to announce that we're now accepting registrations for our fall recreational and competitive youth soccer leagues. There are eight games in both leagues that take place between September 19 and November 14, 2020. This format provides athletes a structured season of soccer which offers valuable experience playing a series of games and working as a team.

As most youth athletes participate in outdoor youth sports programs, The Soccer Box Dallas schedules our youth leagues to work around the time commitments of other fall sports programs. Additionally, this league utilizes a tournament-style bracket. Every age bracket contains four soccer teams, and teams play each other two times each season.

Following the eight regular season games, we host a semi-final weekend and final weekend to end the season. The winning and runner-up teams in all age brackets will receive trophies after the final game.

Our recreational league is designed for younger athletes getting acquainted with the game and all games take place on Saturdays between 8am and 2pm. We will currently register athletes in pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st Grade, and they will compete with their age group.

For our recreational league, we register individual athletes for a $125 fee. If you'd like your child to be teamed-up with a friend or family member in their age group, you can make a note on your online registration form, and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Additionally, if you are the coach of a pre-existing recreational team, call us at 214-272-9030 to discuss potential registration options.

Our competitive league is designed to provide athletes with the perfect transition from youth soccer to high school and beyond. Our competitive league games take place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings (when schedules allow), as well as occasional Saturday games between 8am and 2pm.

The Soccer Box Dallas' competitive league splits teams into brackets based on age group, and we host leagues for teams of boys, girls, and co-ed athletes. We offer programs for 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 year olds. Unlike our recreational soccer league, we require that entire teams register for our competitive league. The registration fee for competitive teams is $500. With each competitive team that is registered, we require a roster with information about your athletes to confirm they're eligible to complete in the age bracket you're registering for.

To learn more about and register for our fall youth soccer leagues, visit our website:

About The Soccer Box Dallas
The Soccer Box Dallas is a state-of-the-art indoor soccer facility that offers both large and small play areas. Our play areas offer a unique, close-quarters approach to soccer that's sometimes referred to as "the concrete jungle." These walled indoor fields add rebounding to the game, encouraging deceptive scoring and dribbling skills in participating. This high-octane, fast-paced play environment helps athletes drill their skills and prepare for the rapid pace of competitive soccer games.

What's more, The Soccer Box Dallas is staffed with coaches who have professional experience with the game of soccer. Their expertise combined with their unmatched passion for soccer create an athletic environment devoted to growth, proper technique, and community.

In addition to our youth soccer leagues, The Soccer Box Dallas offers soccer camps, clinics, one-on-one training, remote coaching, as well as indoor soccer facility rentals. 

To learn more about the other programs we offer, see coach bios, and more visit our website today or call us at 214-272-9030.

Courtney Massey
Email: [email protected]