React, LLC Commissioner of Sports Turns to Sports Radio to Announce Return of Professional Football

23 May 2020

Matt Birk, 15-year NFL veteran and former Super Bowl Champion, will make a major announcement pertaining to the 2020 football season via an interview on KFAN FM 100.3 Minneapolis/St. Paul, on Friday May 22, 2020.

Birk was recently named The Commissioner of Sports, at React, LLC, a new sports and fan engagement platform, as an integral part of launching its patented reactive technology and app, Super Squares®, during the 2020 NFL season. The live game show app provides consumers a chance to “get in the game” and allows sports fans, globally to engage with football games, whether NFL, NCAA, or other possible leagues. Super Squares® is positioned to provide real time second screen engagement with replay games, as well as live football games slated for later this year.

Matt cites his diverse experience across all touch points related to sports to support his new role as The Commissioner: “My combined experience as a player, union representative, league executive, sports media member and, most importantly, a fan, provides me with unique insight and qualifications to make this important announcement.”

The Commissioner is also expected to provide details on the beta release of Super Squares® Classics, which will be available by invitation to media, sports, brands and agencies, in sync to the Monday Night Football® game being broadcast on May 25th on ESPN. The re-airing of a 2015 regular season game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Diego Chargers provides an opportunity for insiders to experience the first ever sync-to-replay game second screen experience.

React’s CEO and Founder, Frank Maggio, believes a late May replay of a five-year-old football game provides an unusual, yet perfect way to demonstrate the Super Squares® solution’s unmatched ability to adrenalize sports fans. “Fans want to be excited about sports, and brands want to reach fans in an excited state,” adds Maggio. “That’s just not happening right now. What better way to show how we can elevate interest in football and advertising, than a repeat football game in late May?”

The beta version of Super Squares® Classics will also provide fans with exposure to some of the more creative advertising being talked about on the Internet. As with all Super Squares® games, in-app ads are presented as content, with quiz questions each quarter that award important game show points when answered correctly. Fans are also able to award from 1 to 3 stars for every ad, providing React and participating brands and agencies with census-level fan sentiment measurement. “React is all about giving fans the best seat in the house, and a platform to cheer, play, and be heard,” adds Maggio. “Every player votes on every ad, so by the end of the football game, we will KNOW which ads work better, and which ads are fan favorites.”

The beta game also demonstrates that advertising need not be repurposed to be a part of the game day experience. “Most TV commercials, from 15 to 30 seconds, are already ‘React-ready’ and suitable for being featured during a game break.” But that doesn’t mean all ads WILL be placed inside the Super Squares® game, according to Maggio, a former sales manager with Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest advertiser: “It’s important that ads captivate fans, and provide information worth asking questions about. Players learn quickly to ask themselves, ‘What does the brand want me to know about their product?’ and that’s a breakthrough moment for anybody on the brand and agency side.”

About React

Founded by adtech and media measurement maverick Frank Maggio, React, LLC is an experiential advertising technology and entertainment company that thinks of “advertising as a sport™.” By adrenalizing advertising™, React excites audiences with rewarding, branded two-screen experiences during the most viewed and attended sporting and media events in the world. The company’s commitment to “respect, protect, and reward attention” honors user privacy by never selling or sharing personally identifiable information. Details about React can be found at, and Super Squares® details are available at

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