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QLIPP Tennis Performance Sensor Delivers Real-time Stroke Data So Players Can Improve Their Game

Thursday, Jun 25, 2015

QLIPP today went LIVE with an Indiegogo (#indiegogo) campaign ( to help complete the development of its QLIPP™ Tennis Performance Sensor – a revolutionary smart sensor and accompanying mobile app (iOS and Android) that provides deep insights into key aspects of a tennis (#tennis) player’s game. The campaign, which has a funding goal of $30,000USD, features limited Early Bird specials of $79USD (for one unit), a 40% savings off the retail price of $129USD. Other rewards include a QLIPP for $99USD (after the Early Bird specials have been claimed) and a “Coaches Package” of five QLIPPs for $375USD.

QLIPP, which provides measurement and video capture of a player’s strokes, spin, shot speed and sweet spot accuracy, is the perfect training tool for tennis players, whether casual enthusiasts or tour professionals, to improve their game. Via the free QLIPP app, players can instantly view their data, save each session for future reference or compare their performance to others using QLIPP. In addition, the app has voice feedback so players can hear the app relay their stroke information while they are still on the court playing.

When the ball hits the racket, data is wirelessly transferred, in real-time, from the QLIPP sensor to an iOS or Android device. By analyzing stroke data, players can determine areas of their game that need improvement. Are they hitting the ball properly? What is the ball speed for each shot? What is the ball spin? QLIPP also provides data on the amount and quality of a player’s forehand shots, backhands, volleys and serves. By tracking every detail, from serve to match point, players can see where they need to improve their game.

In addition, via the QLIPP app, players can video record their games so that they can watch their strokes and form, either in full speed or in slow motion. The video can be shared via email with coaches and other players to help get more insights on swing performance and mechanics.

“Whether heading out for a casual match or competing in a tournament, tennis players are always looking for new ways to improve their game,” said Donny Soh, co-founder, Qlipp. “Players using QLIPP will be able to improve their game by having shot insights that have never been available before. It’s like having your own personal tennis coach with you every time you take the court. By knowing how you are hitting the ball, you can have the knowledge needed to help maximize each stroke.”

QLIPP is the lightest (8 grams), most portable tennis sensor available on the market today, and can be attached to any tennis racket via the device’s registered “twist and lock” design that doubles as a dampener. To attach, users need only twist and lock the sensor below the first string.

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About 9 Degrees Freedom/QLIPP™

Singapore-based 9 Degrees Freedom is a product design think-tank founded by Donny Soh and Cen Lee, both avid sporting enthusiasts who share a passion for creating innovative lifestyle sports technologies. Founded in February 2012, 9 Degrees is a spinoff of A'STAR, a company that incubated under NTUitive where Soh served as lead on several projects. The company’s flagship product, the QLIPP™ Tennis Performance Sensor, is a revolutionary smart sensor and accompanying mobile app (for iOS and Android) that delivers real-time stroke data and visual insights so players can improve their performance. For more information, visit: and


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