Professional Soccer Team, Dynamo Kyiv, Chooses Moonwalk to Develop its New Digital Economy

5 January 2021

European professional soccer team ranked No. 1 in the Ukrainian Premier League, Dynamo Kyiv has engaged Moonwalk, a blockchain company enabling brands to create their own digital economies, to build the first-of-its-kind sports ecosystem centered around the fan community. At a time when the global pandemic has left stadiums virtually empty and the fan experience difficult to monetize, Moonwalk will enable Dynamo Kyiv to provide its fan base with a comprehensive reward and payment economy powered by a team-branded digital token. By working with Moonwalk, Dynamo Kyiv is expected to be able to drive increased revenue while accelerating fan participation by enabling digital tokens to be earned and spent throughout the team’s expanding ecosystem. Fans will be able to earn these tokens based on their participation with the team and spend the tokens in Dynamo Kyiv’s stadium and digital marketplace. This ecosystem will also be interconnected with an integrated mobile payment infrastructure so fans would be able to earn and make payments in digital tokens, both online and in-person, making the overall fan experience completely seamless, rich, and intuitive.

“Moonwalk is helping Dynamo Kyiv change the game for sports teams in the way we interact with, socialize and monetize our communities,” said Ihor Surkis, owner of Dynamo Kyiv. “The ability for Moonwalk to provide a digital experience for our fans that is woven into the fabric of our own digital platforms also ensures that we can easily onboard more fans. We’re thrilled at the opportunity to offer our fans these tremendous benefits that create increased engagement in our games while also improving how we monetize these experiences throughout the year.”

Through this collaboration, fans will be able to access unique and exclusive experiences by earning digital tokens for ‘social actions’ they take. For example, they will be able to earn their Dynamo tokens for playing predictive games or engaging on social media platforms. To spend these tokens, fans will be able to pay for the opportunity to access merchandise drops or join VIP events, purchase discounted goods throughout the stadium, or pay for digital collectibles only available for holders of the digital tokens on Dynamo Kyiv’s digital marketplace. In addition to fans, Moonwalk will onboard Dynamo Kyiv’s existing sponsors and partners into the new ecosystem to help them improve their activation programs and drive more fan engagement while creating new opportunities to grow Dynamo Kyiv’s existing sponsor/partner base.

Moonwalk’s blockchain infrastructure can be easily integrated into any sports teams’ new or existing ecosystem to provide a streamlined fan experience. If fans decide to spend digital tokens, they will be able to use mobile wallets for a seamless transaction process, or to receive and share digital collectibles. Moonwalk will also provide robust data and analytics on fan spending and behaviors so Dynamo Kyiv can offer more personalized experiences to their fan base. As the partnership expands, Moonwalk plans to offer additional services to the team such as predictive gaming, allowing fans to purchase the digital tokens to further enhance their experiences.

“The intention of our partnership with Dynamo Kyiv is to create the blueprint for how premiere brands can create social economies that capitalize on the vast benefits of blockchain and digital tokens to better engage, reward and monetize their communities, partners, and sponsors,” said Greg Consiglio, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Moonwalk. “With access to unique rewards, incentives, mobile payments, and integration with digital collectible markets and predictive games, fan communities can participate in and help shape the future of their favorite brands. Dynamo Kyiv has proven to be a leader in reimagining how technology can enhance their fan community and we’re excited to embark on this journey with them.”

Dynamo Kyiv fans outside the United States will be able to purchase the team-branded digital tokens in early 2021. For more information, visit

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