Pixellot Partners with National Amateur Sports to bring Coaching tools to High School Districts

15 July 2020

Pixellot – the leading provider of AI-Automated™ sports production solutions, and National Amateur Sports (NAS) announced today a strategic partnership that will benefit thousands of student-athletes and families. The partnership will integrate high school districts under the NAS business model using the Pixellot cameras to live stream thousands of athletic events to the NFHS Network this year .

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, Pixellot will be providing a full video breakdown of all Varsity Football, Volleyball, and Boys and Girls Basketball games. Following up on the initial launch, phase two of the project will incorporate Boys and Girls Soccer and Lacrosse.

“Our team is very excited to work with National Amateur Sports. Our primary goal is to help save High School athletic departments both time and money, while providing tools to help their athletes improve performance. For the first time in HS sports all teams will have the ability to have their video captured and broken down without any time or effort from the coaching staff.” says David Shapiro, President, North America of Pixellot.

In 2019, Pixellot acquired VidSwap, a sports video analysis and editing platform for multiple types of athletic events, establishing the first end-to-end automated video and data solution in the sports industry.

The introduction of VidSwap’s game analysis and video breakdown capabilities augments Pixellot’s automated production service and provides teams with additional layers of data and video analysis.

“Saving our districts time while protecting their assets and content is our goal,” explained NAS Managing Partner, James Shipley. “Through Pixellot, NAS will not only provide tools that help coaches live stream and break down game footage, but also offer additional revenue opportunities that help our high school districts fund and sustain their athletic programs for years to come. As we continue to pursue growth opportunities in the southeast region and beyond, this partnership will play a big role in helping us change the business of high school sports.”

For coaches in the NAS network, the combination of VidSwap and Pixellot technology provides tools that allow for the immediate breakdown of games and analysis, a dedicated mobile app for practices, and individual team and player data. Bringing all these services together creates an easier workflow for coaches and administrators as well as delivers time and cost efficiencies.

In addition, the VidSwap technology combined with Pixellot revolutionizes sports video with an automated online video editing system that enables coaches to simply and easily access game video break downs, saving them time and hassle. VidSwap’s range of products include game analysis, game exchange, and video replay. VidSwap supports all major team sports and caters to every level from youth, high school, college and professional.                                                           

About Pixellot

Pixellot offers automated sports production solutions that provide affordable alternatives to traditional video capture, production, and distribution systems for professional and semi-professional sports events. Founded in 2013, Pixellot’s AI technology solution streamlines production workflow by creating a stitched panoramic image of the entire playing surface. Advanced algorithms enable automated coverage of the flow of play and generate highlights. Pixellot systems are deployed by broadcasters, production companies, clubs, federations, universities, high schools, sports portals, and coaching solution providers around the globe.

For more information: http://www.pixellot.tv

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About National Amateur Sports

“Changing the Business of High School Sports”

National Amateur Sports (NAS) is a sports marketing and media company focused on developing public-private partnerships to help fund and sustain interscholastic athletic programs district-wide. With the help of innovative assets and technology solutions, we are enhancing the athletic experience and improving day-to-day operations for the high school community. Together, this aggregated content and exclusive access builds a sustainable model for years to come. To learn more about how we’re changing the business of high school sports, please visit our website: https://nasathletics.com/

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Source: prweb.com