Pixellot Chosen by the Israeli Basketball Association to Bring Automated Production to Two Leagues

15 September 2020

Pixellot, the world’s leading provider of AI-Automated™ sports production solutions, and the Israeli Basketball Association (IBBA) announced a strategic partnership to produce and distribute live games and additional content across all Israeli Basketball Association media platforms. Under the deal, both the Professional Second Division and the National Elite Youth League, will utilize Pixellot products and services.

Pixellot will provide the IBBA with live streams and highlights as well as a dedicated OTT application and data platform. In addition, coaches and analysts will be able to take advantage of Pixellot’s video coaching platform.

In return, the IBBA will grant Pixellot international streaming rights which have not been monetized in the past.

“IBBA is committed to applying cutting-edge technology in order to revolutionize the accessibility of basketball games in our market by making the content and additional features available to everyone, everywhere and anytime,” said IBBA Chairman Amiram Halevi. “Basketball is a forward-thinking sport, and we plan to be at the forefront of this technology revolution. Our teams and players will benefit directly from access to stats and video breakdowns like never before. The fact that Pixellot is an Israeli-company makes us even prouder.”

Under the agreement, Pixellot systems will be installed at more than 40 venues and will automatically film and produce live games including rich graphics, sponsored placements and video ad insertion. Distribution of all of the games will be made available using Pixellot’s new OTT platform which will be tailored to the IBBA’s specifications and needs. Pixellot will also offer its automated game highlight functionality which will enable distribution to Israeli and international sports media on all IBBA digital platforms.

“Our team is excited to implement our solutions with a leading governing body such as the IBBA. The organization’s accomplishments on the global stage are impressive and we hope that our technology will assist Israeli teams to continue to succeed in the top competitions,” said Pixellot CEO Alon Werber. “The global pandemic has accelerated the demand for a safe, cost-effective solution and this agreement is a testament to that market need. Our partnership with the IBBA and Genius Sports shows also how far Pixellot has progressed with our end-to-end offering that solves everything from production through automated highlights to OTT distribution and rights activation.”

All Second Division games will have full live statistics which will be collected by Genius Sports’ accredited statisticians at each venue. The real-time statistics will be accessible to the teams via FIBA LiveStats – the live data collection application. In addition, a full post-match statistical and video breakdown will be produced by Pixellot’s VidSwap service using FIBA LiveStats data. The integration of VidSwap and FIBA LiveStats will allow the game breakdowns to be available immediately after the game.

Pixellot’s AI-based automated production solution provides the sports market with easy and affordable ways to produce and distribute high-quality game video and data. The system is installed at the venue once and afterwards it functions automatically – producing and streaming games live and on-demand. Pixellot’s AI-automated technology ensures high-quality broadcasts without any human operators at the venue including advanced graphics and statistics. Computer vision algorithms monitor the movement of the ball and the players, and automatically select the action and highlights sports fans want to watch. Pixellot works with schools, clubs, leagues, and federations worldwide, and currently streams more than 40,000 live games per month from over 10,000 fields and venues.

For more information, visit: pixellot.tv.

About Pixellot

Pixellot offers automated sports production solutions that provide affordable alternatives to traditional video capture, production, and distribution systems for professional and semi-professional sports events. Founded in 2013, Pixellot’s AI technology solution streamlines production workflow by creating a stitched panoramic image of the entire playing surface. Advanced algorithms enable automated coverage of the flow of play, generate highlights and add graphics and ads. Pixellot systems are deployed by broadcasters, production companies, clubs, federations, universities, high schools, sports portals, and coaching solution providers around the globe.

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About Israel Basketball Association
Founded in 1934 the Israel Basketball Association is the official organization of professional basketball in Israel. The organization oversees the regulation of the sport, team and player registration, rules of the game, various official (such as referees and statisticians) certification, and the National team. It is responsible for sanctioning official leagues at various levels, issuing league schedules, and certifying match results. The IBA also handles associating with international bodies such as FIBA and Euroleague Basketball.

Media contact: Hagay Segal | Spokesman | +972.52-540-9191 | [email protected]


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