PickleRage Announces New Franchisees as They Continue National Expansion

11 July 2024

PickleRage, a premier indoor pickleball club franchise, is thrilled to announce a series of new openings, the latest in their national franchise development plans. Pickleball's unprecedented popularity is the driving force behind the club's rapid expansion, offering entrepreneurs the chance to grow a business around the #1 fastest-growing sport in America.
With three corporate locations opening soon in Florida, Michigan, and Maryland, and new franchisee-owned locations planned to open in Grand Rapids, MI, Kalamazoo, MI, and Mobile, AL, PickleRage is making good on their goal to become one of the leading providers of indoor, year-round pickleball. Having just announced their franchise opportunity in February of this year, the brand is hoping to build upon this tremendous momentum, specifically looking for aspiring franchise owners to bring the love of the game to Arizona, Florida, Utah, Nevada, Texas and North Carolina. PickleRage hopes to have more than 30 locations open by the end of 2025.

Jonathan Keith and Mark Howard, franchise owners of the new Mobile location and longtime business partners in the real estate space, are eager to bring a first-class pickleball facility and experience to their local community.

"We are both excited about the opportunity to bring a first-class pickleball facility to the Mobile Area. I was born and raised in Mobile, and looking to bring a new business and activity to my community. We look forward to creating new relationships and strengthening bonds in our city," said Keith. "I see tremendous growth and excitement in pickleball in general and know that PickleRage will provide our neighbors with a fun and exciting way to interact and engage with each other, while getting their hearts pumping."

Robyn Hesling and her husband, Keith Goodrich, will own and operate PickleRage clubs in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Michigan. Both are highly experienced franchisees, having owned a Pet Supplies Plus for 3 decades, along with a self-employed Handyman business.

"We were excited about the growth of the sport of pickleball, the passion of the players and the pure fun of running a business for people to come in and enjoy good health, companionship and friendly competition," said Hesling. "We're hoping to build a community of friendship where our players feel comfortable, welcome, have fun and enjoy spending time playing the sport together."

PickleRage is at the forefront of the indoor pickleball industry, capitalizing on the sport's explosive popularity, which has seen a 223.5% increase in participation over the past three years. This growth is particularly strong among younger players, making it a prime opportunity for capturing a broad demographic. As Americans continue to put an emphasis on their health and wellness while looking for ways to couple that with a social aspect, PickleRage's franchise offering stands to be highly lucrative for prospective partners.

The brand stands out with its cutting-edge CushionX courts (the same used by professionals in the U.S. Open), advanced reservation systems, and community-focused culture. These features attract a diverse membership base and drive player retention, providing franchisees with a strong competitive edge.

"Not only is PickleRage ideal for pickleball players, but it's the perfect pick for franchisees looking to get in early on something that is growing in popularity every single day," said Eric OConnor, VP of Franchise Development at PickleRage. "We provide advanced technological solutions that streamline operations, significantly reducing staffing needs, labor costs, and improving efficiency. This automated operational model allows for the effective management of large facilities with minimal staff, providing a seamless experience for both franchisees and players."

PickleRage's tailored, hands-on approach to franchise development has been coupled with expert real estate selection to ensure optimal location targeting, leveraging pre-existing sites for better capacity, parking, and zoning advantages.

With world-class social, tournament, and instructional programing, PickleRage is looking for passionate lovers of the game and aspiring entrepreneurs to bring the most popular sport in America to communities nationwide. With more than 500 locations planned over the next five years, PickleRage is set to take the pickleball-world by storm. The overall investment cost to open a PickleRage club ranges from 827,800 to 1,803,200.

About PickleRage

Founded in 2023, PickleRage is one of America's fastest growing indoor pickleball clubs that gives novice & advanced players alike a place to play and connect. PickleRage was founded by a group of pickleball enthusiasts who saw a need for dedicated indoor facilities where players could enjoy the sport year-round. Recognizing the sport's rapid growth and community spirit, they set out to create the ultimate indoor pickleball experience. As one of America's fastest-growing chains of indoor pickleball clubs, PickleRage offers a dynamic environment for both novice and advanced players to play, connect, and enjoy the sport


Source: prnewswire.com