Pickleball Kingdom To Be Everywhere In Washington

5 March 2024

Pickleball Kingdom, the leading name in the rapidly growing sport of pickleball, is thrilled to announce a significant expansion across the entire state of Washington. This ambitious growth initiative is spearheaded by John Hylton, who, after witnessing the remarkable potential and rising excitement for pickleball, has decided to extend his original plan from operating two clubs to overseeing the rollout of the entire state.

"It was exciting when we partnered with John and Casey Hylton on a two-club deal just a month ago." Founder and CEO Ace Rodrigues went on, "But the appetite from the market and John's vision surpassed that quickly. Opening the whole state is a milestone for Pickleball Kingdom, the sport of pickleball, but mostly for the State of Washington."

Pickleball Kingdom is now on a mission to revolutionize how the sport is played and experienced through its proprietary indoor clubs in Washington. By laying down a foundation of high-quality courts, top-notch training programs, and community-centric spaces, the brand is set to become a cornerstone of the pickleball community.

John Hylton added, "Everyone in Washington loves pickleball. But we all know how the weather here can ruin a great day on the courts. The dedicated indoor clubs we will build will be a true gathering space for our communities to play, to have fun, and to compete! We want Washington to be on the forefront of pickleball! Afterall, the sport was born here."

A Call for Franchise Partners

With the expansion, Pickleball Kingdom is actively seeking ambitious franchise partners who are eager to be at the forefront of the pickleball movement. This is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to join a fast-growing sport, with the advantage of entering the market under the banner of the premier brand.

COO Rob Streett explained, "Pickleball is more than just a sport; it's a community and a lifestyle that brings people together. We've seen an incredible response in Washington, and it's clear that there's a huge demand for pickleball. So, we're looking for partners who are ready to make a mark in their communities."

Why Pickleball Kingdom?

Pickleball Kingdom sets itself apart with a commitment to excellence and community. Each club will feature state-of-the-art facilities, including indoor courts, pro shops, and social areas to foster a vibrant community atmosphere. Additionally, Pickleball Kingdom aims to support the growth of the sport through clinics, leagues, and tournaments for all ages and skill levels.

Interested in Joining the Kingdom?

For those interested in exploring franchise opportunities with Pickleball Kingdom, now is the time to get in touch. As the sport continues to grow, early partners will benefit from comprehensive support, strategic territory planning, and the excitement of being pioneers in their local pickleball scene.

Franchise and Media Inquiries:
COO Rob Streett, [email protected]

To receive news and updates on individual clubs in the Northwest please visit:

About Pickleball Kingdom

Pickleball Kingdom is dedicated to promoting the sport of pickleball through the development of premier clubs and facilities. With a focus on community, quality, and the promotion of the sport, Pickleball Kingdom is on a mission to create spaces where passion for pickleball can thrive.