NXTSCORE Launches First Play-to-Earn Crypto Sports Gaming Experience with NXTX Tokens

1 December 2021

On November 12, NXTSCORE launched the first play-to-earn crypto experience based on sports predictions and fantasy player props.

In less than 12 days, over 5,000 gamers have earned tokens on NXTSCORE and will be eligible to withdraw NXTX tokens. NXTX “pronounced “next X”, is an Ethereum-based token with a total lifetime supply capped at 1 billion tokens.

The company has initiated talks to announce a major wallet initiative with a crypto partner for the Super Bowl.

NXTSCORE is 100% free with no money or consideration required for gamers to play, making it available to download for both iOS and Android in all 50 states.

“For us, we believe that the power of the sports gamers across America is the best way to build value for NXTSCORE and the NXTX token,” said Josh Parasar, Co-founder and CEO of NXTSCORE. “Being available nationwide at this moment when both crypto and sports betting are so hot is vital, and delivering our audience to the right crypto wallet partner will make it better.”

Built on NXTSCORE’s Gaming Engine, NXTSCORE’s apps deliver a fast-paced gaming experience similar to stock trading, gamers buy and sell player props throughout major NFL and NBA games.

“We want NXTSCORE to feel like playing a video game,” said Kevin Watson, Head of Gaming. “Unlike antiquated pick-and-wait formats, we deliver the fast thrills of trading, the ability to benefit from quick thinking, and deliver something totally fresh that the sharpest young sports fans have never seen before.”

“The future for gamers is in anticipating the next pitch, next possession, next free throw, next pass, next putt, and the future of gaming will be powered by crypto,” said Bhu Srinivasan, Founder of NXTSCORE. “So obviously the future is NXTSCORE.”

The company first tested the play-to-earn experience during the last NBA Finals giving away NBA Topshot moments.


NXTSCORE is a crypto <meets> sports company that creates play-to-earn games based on sports predictions, fantasy sports, and sports betting. NXTSCORE has 1) its own gaming engine pricing thousands of in-game permutations and recalculates probabilities in real-time for the next play, next pitch, next bucket, 2) iOS and Android app available in all 50 states, 3) and its own NXTX crypto token embedded into its gaming experience.

For press inquiries:

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