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New Sports Performance Facility Opening in North Attleboro

Tuesday, Sep 03, 2019

A brand-new facility is opening up in North Attleboro that specializes in training athletes.

Athletes Acceleration will be opening up their headquarters in North Attleboro in September. Athletes Acceleration was founded in 2004 by Patrick Beith. Beith has focused his entire career on training athletes to get faster, stronger and in better condition.

Patrick, along with his wife Janet are both North Attleboro High School alumni and decided that this was the best place to open this type of gym.

Athletes around the area have always been competitive, hardworking and looking for ways to get better. We can now be their home-base to provide an environment for them where they can work out safely and towards specific goals.

“We have so many great athletes in North Attleboro, Attleboro, Wrentham, Plainville, Foxboro, Mansfield and all the surrounding towns but not a dedicated place like the new Athletes Acceleration training center.

As you know training for sports is more than winning. It’s the dedication, discipline, confidence and all those other life-building and character building skills they learn while training and pushing themselves.

I’m happy and grateful to be a part of this, getting athletes better results and helping them reach their full potential. In my eyes though, there’s nothing better than seeing a young athlete grow as a person.” – Patrick Beith

Any parents, coaches or athletes interested in learning more are encouraged to contact Coach Beith directly at (508) 316-0296, or visit the Athletes

Acceleration their website at: or stop by the new training facility at 749 S. Washington St., North Attleboro, MA.

Athletes Acceleration will also be holding an Open House, Saturday, September 7th from 1pm-4pm. Anyone interested in learning more can come check out the state of the art facility, meet the coaches, and find out more about the training sessions.



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