New e-bike motor series from Welling and Motinova celebrate their debut at EUROBIKE 2022

15 July 2022

The latest range of e-bike motors from Motinova and Welling are making their debut at EUROBIKE 2022.

By 2030, the global e-bike market will reach 19 million units. In the age of an environmentally conscious and low-carbon lifestyle, e-bikes have gradually emerged as an alternative choice for urban commuters as well as off-road riders. Welling and Motinova offer three central motors for large sprockets: Welling W6000, Welling 8500 and Motinova MT6000, which feature higher power density, higher efficiency, faster response time and lower wear rate.

Welling W6000 for urban e-bikes: This powerful central motor for large sprockets is designed to be compact and low-noise (below 52 dB), enabling a low-noise riding experience. Its innovative torque sensor can adapt to a highly flexible driving curve in different driving scenarios. Its algorithm enables high-precision deceleration and mass compensation for a smoother and more stable driving experience.

Welling W8500 for mountain e-bikes: Its unique flat-wire winding structure with optimized design enables up to 80% efficiency and increases battery range when mountain biking. Its ultra-high overload capability enables continuous operation at 75% peak torque while keeping the case temperature below 60°C, resulting in longer life and higher performance. Thanks to the highly integrated design, the motor has a very compact size with a weight of less than 3 kg.

Motinova MT6000: This powerful central motor for large sprockets is designed for city commuters. The motor weighs only 3 kg and is very filigree. It can deliver a maximum assist rate of 270% with strong and soft momentum. The cadence can reach up to 100 rpm and there are five riding modes. This guarantees that cyclists will have fun in all road conditions.

Motinova motors for small sprockets, such as the VOLANS and PEGASI series, cycle computers, accessories and other bicycle-related offerings will also be on display. Motinova and Welling are also offering an entertaining test drive experience outside the trade fair: “Ride Longer, Live Better”.

Motinova and Welling will continue to expand their core competencies in the field of intelligent transport and in the two-wheeler market.

Motinova and Welling's parent company, Midea Industrial Technology, has established 27 R&D centers in China, Austria, India and Japan and has more than 5,500 approved patents.

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Zhang Haichun
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