Multi-Sport Content Platform, All N Sportz, Announces $26 Million Valuation Pre-Launch

2 June 2023

All N Sportz, a sports media company, is preparing to make an impact on the industry with its upcoming launch this May. The company is rapidly gaining momentum, with the recent acquisition and merger of several sports media outlets, valued at a staggering $26 million even before its official launch. Unlike most outlets that focus on a single sport, All N Sportz will deliver content for all sports enthusiasts. The company will debut with All N Hoopz and subsequently introduce new sports every few months, including baseball, football, track, boxing, and more. This diverse portfolio of offerings makes All N Sportz a one-stop shop for sports fans seeking engaging, informative, and entertaining content.

Marcus Crenshaw, the visionary founder of All N Sportz, has already achieved remarkable success in the sports media space. In 2016, he launched She Hoops Network, which rapidly became the leading media outlet in women's basketball history. The company was subsequently acquired by media powerhouse Overtime, backed by notable figures such as Jeff Bezos, Drake, and Kevin Durant.

"Soon, All N Sports will become one of the premier multi-sport media outlets, producing top-tier content and providing fans with unprecedented access to the sports world," said Marcus Crenshaw. "By going beyond highlights and incorporating exclusive interviews, podcasts, documentaries, and more, All N Sportz will make consuming sports news an enjoyable and informative experience."

Founded by self-made millionaire Marcus Crenshaw, All N Sportz is a sports media company that aims to provide a wide variety of sports content under one brand. With the acquisition and merger of multiple sports media outlets, All N Sportz offers fans an all-encompassing experience, showcasing sports news, highlights, exclusive interviews, podcasts, documentaries, and more. All N Sportz seeks to redefine how sports news is consumed, making it both entertaining and informative for sports enthusiasts worldwide.

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