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MetLife Stadium Selects Ironsphere’s Privileged Access Management Platform To Protect Network Infrastructure

Thursday, Jan 09, 2020

Ironsphere, a secure access management software and services company serving large enterprises and telecom service providers, announced today it has been selected by MetLife Stadium for Privileged Access Management (PAM) security solutions across their large, distributed enterprise network infrastructure.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to maintain the highest of security policies, our IT and network operations team initiated a search for a solution addressing the increased need to monitor and control internal threats,” said Ron VanDeVeen, MetLife Stadium President & CEO. “We selected Ironsphere after an exhaustive search.”

It was evident after thorough testing that the PAM solution and related features from Ironsphere met MetLife Stadium’s current and future requirements, including securing privileged access to network infrastructure, tracking changes in configurations, providing automated services integrated with Active Directory to streamline processes, enforcing least privilege centrally across entire network infrastructure in real-time, and requiring Multi Factor Authentication across the entire network infrastructure even if the target systems did not support MFA.

“It’s been an honor for our team to work alongside MetLife Stadium’s world class IT and network operations teams to balance security with productivity,” said Michael Fritzlo, Executive Chairman of Ironsphere. “We were able to preserve the user experience, making it possible for users to continue to use their native clients, and transformed the experience of security audits with human readable log records and centrally managing who has access to which system. More security, more simplicity – this is our winning combination.”

MetLife Stadium’s team was initially looking for a TACACS server, but after evaluating their options chose Ironsphere because the platform and software support video records of sessions (via SSH proxy module), is ready to secure and rotate privileged credentials in a vault, supports SSH key management and secures third-party access with temporary accounts, live session watching and web based CLI access interface to network systems.

About Ironsphere
Ironsphere is a software company established in 2016, providing advanced technology software in the fields of Access Control Systems, Privileged Task Automation and Next-generation Security and Audit. With the world’s most cost-efficient, flexible, and easily deployed Access Control software, our technology platform supports many global telecom service providers and large enterprises. Our core offering is a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution protecting enterprise resources, used as an engineering access, information security and governance tool to prevent internal data breaches and malfeasance using privileged accounts. We enable IT managers, network admins and third-party vendors to efficiently gain secure access, control configurations and indisputably record all activities within their enterprise infrastructure, preventing the material impact a breach may have on business operations and continuity. Learn more at

About MetLife Stadium
MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Football Giants and New York Jets, is one of the largest stadiums in the National Football League (82,500) and over 23 million people have attended more than 450 events since opening in 2010. Annual events include NFL football, concerts, international soccer, Monster Jam, Supercross, religious events, college football, high school football championships, band competitions and graduations. Major events include Super Bowl XLVIII, WrestleMania 29 and 35, and the Copa America Centenario soccer final.

MetLife Stadium annually tops the industry charts and has ranked as the "No. 1 Highest Grossing Stadium" in the world for the last 8 years by Billboard magazine. The Stadium was awarded "Venue of the Year" at The 2017 StadiumBusiness Summit in Croke Park, Dublin, and ranked No. 1 for safety by Security Magazine’s “Security 500” in the Spectator Sports (Facilities) division in 2018 and 2019. MetLife Stadium will be home to the New York Guardians (XFL) in 2020, the Army-Navy Football Classic in 2021, and is a venue finalist for FIFA World Cup 2026. For more information, visit



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