MetaSports Metaverse enters the sports industry

12 October 2022

MetaSports officially kicked off its ecological in October. MetaSports uses web3.0 technology to combine the global sports industry to create an exclusive NFT incubation and trading platform for sports stars. Total of 10,000 NFT are available on the Metasports ecological, and the value of the NFT is anchored to the future development value of the platform.

The sports industry has become an important economic worldwide and an important growth engine for many industries. With the deepening of pan-entertainment, IP building and commercialization, the need for digitalization of the sports industry is particularly important, and the metaverse is the best way to digitally realize the sports industry, not only to simulate many new scenarios but also to implant economic models. Unlike the traditional auction land metaverse project, the sports industry is also the best scenario for the metaverse to be implemented. the vision of MetaSports eco is to use the new scenario of the metaverse to change the monopoly of the sports industry operations and make it more open and inclusive. The design is intended to give users a better understanding and a stronger sense of participation, which will play an important role in providing a pavement for subsequent shareholdings in sports clubs, deepening the sports peripheral industry and operating fans DAO.


Data from recent years shows that with the change of times, the spending power has shifted to a younger user group. Failure to impress a younger audience is extremely detrimental to the development of sports IPs as a group. Online virtual spaces are therefore an important means of expanding the sports demographic and lowering the level of access to sporting events for young people. By playing and watching games in online virtual spaces, young people focus on experiencing the IP core of a sporting event, which in turn transforms them into fans of that event and eventually breaks the circle of the event IP.

As the metaverse market continues to expand, it has become a major trend for various industries to enter it and compete for the market, the sports industry is no exception. As sports IPs are in a bottleneck period, they need the metaverse to bring in young users. MetaSports has caught the opportunity to empower sports IPs on a reasonable, which is worth waiting for it.

About MetaSports

Meta Sports create the world's first metaverse sports industry ecology. MetaSports combined with VR, AR and other technologies will create a metaverse viewing platform, bringing a new experience of live tournaments, where users can pay Tokens to watch the matches. At the same time, the platform will earn advertising revenue.