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Keingart: Danish Architectural Firm Elected World’s Best at Outdoor Sports Facilities

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2015

The Danish architectural firm Keingart has been awarded gold medal from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities for making the best outdoor sports facility in the world.

The prize goes to an innovative, outdoor sports stadium in the city of Odense in Denmark – the same city where the world-renowned poet Hans Christian Andersen was born.

“Inspiring and exciting! When the jury members examined this project, they were deeply impressed by the creativity and imagination the architects packed into this track-and-field training facility. The designers not only rehabilitated an old and worn-out training ground, but also redefined the basic movements of running, jumping and throwing and gave them many new variations in a very attractive and challenging environment that stimulates the user’s senses. This facility is a perfect example of how traditional sports can be given new inspiration and new content by combining stimulating design with modern technology and the culture of healthy urban living (styles)”, says the jury.

In addition to the gold medal, the Danish firm also won a bronze medal for an indoor rebuilding.

“We are very proud to receive these two awards. Over the past eight years, we have strived to create extraordinary frameworks for sport that makes it fun to be physically active in new ways. The awards show us that our ideas are at the forefront internationally”, says partner Maria Keinicke and partner Flemming Overgaard from the architectural firm Keingart.

Pictures of the award-winning projects can be seen on

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