Joseph Ashford Announces Big Bournemouth Fight Night by K4 Global, Exclusive on Sky Sports

22 July 2022

K4 Global recently announced their plans to bring in Sky Sports TV to Bournemouth for a major boxing event. For the first time in Bournemouth's history, Chris Billam-Smith will take on Isaac Chamberlain. The match is set for July 30, 2022, at the Bournemouth International Centre.

"This is a proud moment in history for us at K4 Global and for Bournemouth as a whole to be able to host a big fight like this," said K4 Global founder and chairman Joseph Ashford. "Everyone is really looking forward to a competitive match between two highly ranked cruiserweights during peak time on Sky Sports. Fight Night is going to be a big event, and we already have some awesome partnerships lined up with bet365, Village Hotels, WOW HYDRATE and Everlast."

Billam-Smith (15-1-0, 11) is set to face Chamberlain (14-1-0, 8) in a match experts are labeling "hard to call" and a "real 50-50." World Boxing News recently remarked that the competitive domestic 200lb division is one of the strongest ever in recent years. Billam-Smith has 11 KO's in 16 fights, while Chamberlain has made an impressive run with four of his eight KO's back-to-back in recent matches.

"I'm coming home! I'm so delighted to be fighting back at home in front of my friends, family and supporters," remarked Billam-Smith. "Atmosphere is why I got into boxing, and on 30th July the atmosphere is going to be electrifying."

"This is a massive opportunity," said Chamberlain. "Now we're on Sky, we're back in the big time, and I'm ready to show everyone this is a different Isaac to the one they've seen before."

Adam Smith, Head of Boxing Development for Sky Sports, also expressed excitement about the upcoming show that would be featured live and exclusive on Sky Sports.

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