Indiana Basketball Coaches Association and Ballogy Team-Up to Inspire Player Development

25 March 2022

Ballogy Inc., the basketball industry’s standard for youth athletic skills measurement and tracking and leading exposure platform, announced today that it is partnering with the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association (IBCA), known as the “Basketball Capital of the World,” to offer Ballogy’s mobile platform to its coaches and their programs statewide.

“Indiana basketball coaches have always been the pioneers of basketball innovation,” said Steve Witty, executive director of the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association.“We are excited to be able to offer our membership of more than 2,500 coaches something truly innovative to help them maximize their team’s development and success year-round.”

The Ballogy Skills Assessment (BSA), an objective shooting test administered exclusively on the Ballogy app, is the result of extensive research and feedback gathered from middle school, high school, and college-level coaches and athletes. The BSA challenges players of all skill levels to make free throws, short-range, midrange, and long-range shots from various locations at game speed. Video of the test is captured in the Ballogy app and reviewed, verified, and scored by Ballogy. The resulting verified score provides key points of data for shooting evaluations.

In preparation for the Ballogy Skills Assessment, Ballogy offers a development plan for all athletes at any stage in their basketball journey. The Ballogy curriculum includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of development. Each level is composed of drills that apply to the skill level and suggested shot distance of the athlete. Coaches have the ability to gamify, track, and store their own shooting drills practices on the Ballogy app, encouraging healthy competition among teammates as players move up the ranks of the leaderboard.

With the Ballogy platform IBCA coaches will:

  • Maximize team development by fostering healthy competition among teammates
  • Establish a baseline score for each player to help make informed coaching decisions
  • Highlight areas of focus to drive maximum improvement
  • Provide players with new level of exposure and visibility

“We are honored to partner with one of the best and most established basketball coaches organizations in the world,” said Todd Young, founder and CEO of Ballogy. “Ballogy delivers the best in athletic skills measurement, tracking, and recruiting to coaches as they inspire growth and development in their players seeking to reach the next level.”

The Ballogy app is available for free in Google Play and the App Store.

About Ballogy

Ballogy is an innovative software company revolutionizing the way youth and amateur athletes prepare for their sports. Ballogy’s unique performance tracking and analysis app and built-in certified testing program, enable young athletes to measure and evaluate their athletic development and improve their skills at every level of the game. Ballogy also provides a forum for individual players to connect, compete, network, and share with coaches, schools, and teammates, via an easy-to-use app, giving young athletes visibility and access like never before. The Ballogy app is available for free in Google Play and the App Store. To learn more, please visit

About Indiana Basketball Coaches Association

Established in 1971, the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association is very proud of the history and growth of its organization and the heritage of the great game of basketball in Indiana. The IBCA is one of the largest basketball coaches associations in the world and is dedicated to connecting and serving its membership throughout the state. Within its more than 2,500 members, the IBCA serves girls and boys high school basketball coaches. For more information on the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association, please visit

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