How do we design vandal proof stadium seats?

7 February 2023

Vandal proof stadium seats are a must to ensure spectators safety in the grandstands of any kind of sports venue.

Sport brings out emotions, both good and not so good. It is essential that the sports equipment withstands any situation that happens in the sports venue.

European Standards establish the requirements for safety, strength, and durability (UNE-EN 13200-4) that seats must fulfil in order to be certified suitable for severe public use (vandalism).

How do we test the strength of our stadium seats in the factory?

Vandal proof stadium seats are tested during various stages, from product development to final production, before being installed in sports venues, fulfilling different phases:

  1. Design phases developing prototypes until we get the definitive solution.
  2. Certification in an accredited external laboratory: We send each stadium seat model to an external laboratory that certifies it according to the UNE – EN 12727: 2017 standards.
  3. Quality control of manufacturing batches in production factory.

We have a complete laboratory equipped in order to carry out all the tests established by the current regulations and thus ensure the most demanding quality standards in our seats for sports facilities.

Having this equipment in our factory gives us the freedom and flexibility to adapt our products in a very short time and to be very competitive in the design processes of new vandal proof stadium seats.

What regulations establish the strength and durability requirements for vandal proof stadium seats?

We carry out multitude of tests to ensure that our seats meet the European standards required by UNE-EN 12727 (static load, durability, and impact tests), through the precise application of large forces during certain cycles of time.

In the video you can see part of our laboratory, carrying out durability and strength tests on the Sittem seat, and applying impacts to CR6 backrest.

In this way, the seats for sports facilities continue to fulfill their function even under extreme use. We thus ensure the durability of the seat, regardless of the material used and the manufacturing process.

Non-standardized tests – simulation of vandalism in seats for sports facilities.

In this video we show several tests in which we put the Avatar seat to extreme tests, manually, jumping on the seat and kicking the backrest. These tests are even tougher than ones established in the regulations, to simulate possible acts of vandalism that can be carried out in a stadium grandstand.

These tests are not contemplated in the regulations, but we have made them as a visual example of the impacts and forces that our stadium seats can withstand, thanks to the fact that they have been designed in accordance with the Standards and have passed the tests of resistance to vandalism.

Seats certified as vandal proof stadium seats by independent laboratories.

All our seats are certified in resistance and durability by accredited external laboratories in accordance with current regulations.