Glass video floor sets new standards in making sports history at the Basketball World Cup

28 July 2023

Madrid was home to a world premiere between 21 and 23 July that will revolutionise the world of sport. From the quarter finals, the games at the FIBA U19 Women's Basketball World Cup were no longer contested on hardwood parquet, but on the ASB GlassFloor, a high-tech video floor for sport made of glass. German company ASB GlassFloor revealed a new dimension in presenting a sporting event through its "GlassCourt OS" application especially developed for the purpose. In the battle for Olympics relevance and the coming generations of sports fans, the new technologies open up opportunities for many sports to position themselves for the future. Players, fans and FIBA were all enthusiastic.

"Today is a proud day for the International Basket Federation and for FIBA, which has quite possibly changed the history of our sport to a certain extent. We are aiming for and already planning future implementation of this technology. This moment is historic," FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis says. Jorge Garbajosa, president of FIBA Europe, takes a similar view: "I have the feeling that basketball is changing. I would go so far as to say that indoor sports will change."

ASB GlassFloor Managing Director Christof Babinsky is the person who made this possible. "In everything that we do, the safety of the athletes and awareness of them is at the focus of our actions. We have got into basketball with the intention of staying in," Babinsky says.

GlassCourt OS is interactive software developed to seamlessly integrate data from a range of third-party providers, including player and ball tracking systems, sports and health data platforms and training applications. The software works as a central hub, which is able to process data in real time and to present it in visually impressive and informative graphics that can be displayed directly on the glass floor. The interaction between GlassCourt OS and ASB GlassFloor opens up a whole new range of opportunities for marketing and training.

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