GHOST Enters Esports Culture Through Partnership With XSET

19 August 2020

Within one month of the newly launched revolutionary esports organization, XSET has secured a two-year deal with renowned lifestyle sports nutrition brand GHOST.

With this agreement, GHOST will be XSET's exclusive partner for protein, gaming, and performance supplements and ready-to-drink beverages, and will provide XSET's elite roster of streamers, athletes, and esports teams with GHOST products to take their game to the next level. In addition, GHOST will be a featured jersey sponsor for XSET's multiple esports teams. Also included in this high-value partnership is the development of an exclusive, limited edition XSET flavor, shaker, merchandise line, and soon-to-be released content series. Finally, GHOST will be an official sponsor for XSET's Esports Series events.

"XSET is excited to be GHOST's first official partnership in esports and their entrée into gaming culture. Their brand and mission align perfectly with XSET's movement for change in creative expression, diversity, and inclusion," said XSET COO and co-founder Marco Mereu. "We're excited to see what we can build together for our collective audiences around the world."

"Plus, it tastes delicious!" added XSET CEO Greg Selkoe.

In addition to creating products that help individuals build a lifestyle that works for them, GHOST produces high-quality, behind-the-scenes content that gives viewers an in-depth look at what they stand for, what sets them apart, and what's to come. GHOST and XSET are both committed to building brands that make an impact and are leaders for change. With this newly forged partnership, both organizations join together to build a formidable community that welcomes and celebrates their diverse audiences.

"As lifelong gamers, we've been searching for the right organization and partner to enter esports in a thoughtful and meaningful way. That organization is XSET. Through authenticity and a shared drive to challenge the status quo, this partnership helps pave the way for a new era in gaming and we're excited to be a part of it," says GHOST CMO and co-founder Ryan Hughes. "This is bigger than supplements and gaming. This partnership encompasses what we're all about; it's sports, it's music, it's culture… It's an experience."

GHOST is a lifestyle brand of dietary supplements, sports nutrition products and apparel. GHOST is disrupting the sports nutrition industry by creating a lifestyle movement that includes transparent innovative products, global distribution, immersive content, key influencer partnerships and collaborations with many of the world's leading flavor brands including Chips Ahoy!®, Nutter Butter®, Sour Patch Kids®, Sonic® Drive-In, Warheads®, Swedish Fish® and Welch's®. GHOST products can be found at GNC, and select global retailers in over 50 countries. For more information visit or connect with the brand on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

About XSET
XSET is a revolutionary new gaming organization co-founded by legendary esports execs Greg Selkoe, Marco Mereu, Wil Eddins, and Clinton Sparks. XSET doesn't dance around the edges of gaming lifestyle and culture, it dives right into the center, all while creating the world's most diverse, inclusive, culturally-relevant, and purpose-driven gaming and esports brand, embodying what it truly means to #reptheset. For more

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