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Full Flight Technology’s Patent for Mobile Tools in Sports

Wednesday, Dec 23, 2015

Full Flight Technology, LLC announced today the issuance to it by the US Patent Office of a patent that covers the use of touch screen technology to improve sports performance.

The patent, U.S. Patent No. 9,141,215, is for systems and methods that generate archery sight settings for display in a touch screen display.

With ten issued patents, this patent has priority from Full Flight’s original application filed in January 2007. The original filing covers electronic, mobile and cloud technology used in sports where features of a sports object can be changed to improve athletic performance. In 2015, Full Flight launched a mobile archery app “VELOCITIP UNO” that allows an archer to place their smartphone display in front of a conventional bowsight and immediately adjust the sight pins for accurate shooting to 80 or more yards downrange. The user just enters a few pieces of basic information about their archery equipment for the app to deliver these precise results. The UNO Archery App reached #2 among all paid iOS sports apps when launched in February and has consistently remained among top ranked sports apps.

“Full Flight recognized early on that a combination of micro-sensing systems, mobile and cloud technologies provide a new eco-system for athletes. Full Flight applies these technology platforms to help athletes around the world leverage quantified performance data. The UNO App provides one striking example of how quantified performance data is used to improve sports performance,” said Robert Donahoe, founder and CEO of Full Flight. “The power, precision and accessibility of these platforms make them the best way to learn from one another to quickly improve,” added Robert Donahoe.

The company’s first commercial product, the Velocitip System provided the foundation on which the UNO Archery App is built. The Velocitip System includes a MEMS-based data acquisition system included in an otherwise conventional arrow point. The system allows the study of projectile flight dynamics at a level of detail not readily achievable with any prior technology. The UNO Archery App employs the measured data from the Velocitip System for thousands of combinations of archery equipment to deliver an intuitive, precise and easy-to-use mobile app.

Established in 2008, Full Flight is a technology development and commercialization company with a history of pioneering innovations focused on athletic performance.

Full Flight Technology, UNO and Velocitip are trademarks of Full Flight Technology, LLC.

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