ForeCollegeGolf Announces Growth Strategy To Help Junior Golfers Globally

22 July 2020

ForeCollegeGolf expands its college recruiting consulting services with a new learning platform, an online player portal and fresh, new company rebrand to support its growth strategy.

ForeCollegeGolf was created to assist junior golfers who aspire to play collegiate and professional golf through personalized consulting and player development services.

ForeCollegeGolf walks alongside each junior golfer to properly identify their "best-fit" schools while utilizing its proprietary learning platform, player assessment model, school-specific research, data analytics, and industry connections to assist each family through the recruiting process.

Mike Smith, Founder of ForeCollegeGolf offers players and families an insider view of the college golf landscape with customized programs for a select number of qualified junior golf families. Coach Smith works with players at every stage of their development and has helped over 120 families since the Company's inception in 15 countries around-the-world.

ForeCollegeGolf's primary focuses are player development, college recruiting, and personal growth through effective leadership. Coach Smith evaluates each player's unique situation based on their academic, athletic and social goals to provide a comprehensive framework that includes specialized, personal guidance through one-on-one coaching calls, virtual sessions, and in-person meetings.

"I am thrilled about the opportunity to provide greater value and an unmatched learning environment for our clients and to bring our new tools and enhanced programs to players who are looking to play golf in college," said Mike Smith, Founder of ForeCollegeGolf.

"Mike has been such a huge asset to help players understand the college system and showcase them in front of Coaches. The recent company rebrand along with enhanced tools will only add to the value ForeCollegeGolf provides," said Jamie McConnell, Director of Instruction, Claude Harmon III Performance Golf Academy Dubai.

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ForeCollegeGolf was launched in 2015 by Mike Smith. Our Mission is to guide junior golfers and their families as they navigate the college recruiting landscape and help players build life skills to succeed in collegiate golf and life after college. The Company announced a relaunch of its brand and tools in 2020 in response to the growing need to serve junior golfers around the world.