Farmington High School Replaces Tiger Stadium Field With Shaw Sports Turf

12 November 2020

Farmington High School is a public high school that is part of the Farmington Area Public School System in Dakota county, Minnesota. After 11 years since their first turf install at Tiger Stadium, the school knew it was time for a replacement. The choice to go with Shaw Sports Turf ensures years of quality turf for sports teams and many community events.

After making the decision to install a new turf field, Farmington High School did their research and decided on a product that was a good fit for their individual needs as a school.

That product was Shaw Sports Turf’s Legion Pro Turf System. Early this fall, the school installed 114,730 square feet of the Legion Pro Turf System at Tiger Stadium. Combining slit-film and monofilament fibers into one complete system, Legion provides the benefits of both; not only does it look natural and allow for better ball roll, but it also has added durability and infill control.

The system is designed for optimal performance characteristics.

“The product and the price were a good fit for our district,” said Bill Tschida, Athletics Director, Farmington High School. “We enjoyed working with the Shaw team from the beginning to the end of the process. They provided great information and support in the process.”

On this project, Shaw Sports Turf also had the opportunity to work with Kiefer U.S.A., one of the most reputable flooring installation companies in America.

“From the first meeting with the Farmington School District, it was evident they were very interested in purchasing a quality product to provide their students with performance and safety. We were proud they chose Shaw Legion Pro Turf and the Fine-Tuned Pad to give them a truly special field and one they can rely on for many years,” said Courtney Spicer, Director of Sales Outdoor Division, Kiefer U.S.A. “The colors and logo really stand out and the field looks fantastic in the stadium bowl. It’s a very cool setting and it was a pleasure to collaborate with Shaw, Larson Engineering, and the staff at Farmington to design it.”

This multiuse field stands as a point of pride for the school and community as a whole. While the field at Tiger Stadium will be used primarily for football, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, physical education, and strength and conditioning, the field will also be the location of high school graduations and multiple state tournament events.

“Having a quality turf field allows us to play multiple events on the surface and know that the conditions will remain consistent. This allows us to provide a quality experience for all groups that use our field. We also are able to host state tournament events because of the turf,” said Tschida. “This new turf will provide a quality, safe, and well-constructed surface for our school and local community to use for years to come.”

The first event held on the field at Tiger Stadium was a home soccer game.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with Keifer and Farmington High School in the installation of the new Shaw Sports Turn Legion Pro Turf System. We look forward to watching this school reap the benefits of a high quality, dual fiber turf system that will provide great playability through their multisport playing field,” said Shaw Sports Turf Territory Manager Jeff Carroll.

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