FanGraphs Baseball Hits a Home Run with MariaDB SkySQL and SkyDBA

26 March 2021

MariaDB® Corporation announced that popular baseball analysis site FanGraphs has drafted MariaDB SkySQL as its cloud database running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and SkyDBA for first-string, 24x7x365 teammate firepower. With SkySQL, FanGraphs handles integrated statistics, projections, playoff odds models and complex queries with ease, speed and reliability. Leveraging the unparalleled expertise of dedicated SkyDBAs enables the FanGraphs team to fully focus on baseball and strategy.

FanGraphs evaluated several database-as-a-service (DBaaS) options in its effort to modernize its database by moving to an agile cloud environment. Only SkySQL met FanGraphs’ needs for performance, innovation and true database expertise. FanGraphs adapted its coverage and models to fit 2020’s unusual baseball season during the pandemic, and with new, data-driven features and SkySQL as its cloud database, they are ready for grand slam action as the 2021 season opens.

“We ran benchmarking against DBaaS options offered by AWS, GCP and other providers – nothing came close to MariaDB SkySQL,” explained David Appelman, founder and CEO at FanGraphs. “In addition to exceptional performance, we like that SkySQL offers the most recent version of MariaDB so we can take advantage of the newest features and innovation. Also, SkySQL’s versatility means we can easily start leveraging new capabilities such as SkySQL’s data warehousing option when we’re ready.”

As a smaller organization with a massive following, FanGraphs benefits from SkyDBA being a true extension of its team. Having SkyDBA means day-to-day operational help, consultation and planning for the future with virtual DBAs who know each business’s applications, data and environment. The cost savings are game-changing for businesses that do not have access to enterprise-level resources. Appelman said, “On top of SkySQL’s ease and performance, the exceptional service from our SkyDBAs have enabled us to completely offload our database responsibilities. That help goes far beyond day-to-day maintenance, backup and disaster recovery. We find our SkyDBA looks at things we wouldn’t necessarily keep an eye on to secure and optimize our operations.”

With SkySQL, customers have the freedom to go anywhere - any cloud, any workload and any scale. SkySQL delivers unmatched flexibility and massive scalability in a cloud database that keeps up with customers changing needs, while saving 90% of their legacy database cost. SkySQL supports fast transactions and real-time analytics for cloud data warehousing with the ability to scale elastically using Xpand, MariaDB’s distributed SQL database. It is capable of scaling to millions of transactions per second with ease and is indestructible implementing world-class high availability. For additional personalization and customization, SkyDBAs deliver always-on, proactive coverage of SkySQL database operations, 365 days a year. With unparalleled knowledge, unique access to SkySQL internals and experience deploying MariaDB in any cloud, SkyDBAs ensure customers get the very best performance out of their database.

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