EnVue Telematics to Participate in 8th Annual Next Level Leadership Summit in St. Louis

5 November 2021

EnVue Telematics, a consultative resource that helps fleets use advanced technology to boost productivity, reduce risk and lower CPM, will participate in the Next Level Leadership Summit on Nov. 8-10, 2021, at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

The summit allows a select group of companies the chance to showcase their products and services to representatives of the major commercial landscape services companies through the United States. The event is attended by more than 150 leaders from the commercial landscaping industry who influence more than $20 million in annual purchases.

Focal Pointe Outdoor Solutions, a client of EnVue Telematics, will host the event. Operating in the St. Louis metro area and the Springfield/Branson, Missouri, communities, Focal Pointe has been ranked as the fifth fastest growing and 130th largest U.S. landscape company by Landscape Management Magazine.

The team at EnVue is excited for the opportunity to meet with professional landscaping business leaders at the Next Level Leadership Summit.

“First off, we’re all happy that we’re getting back to face-to-face meetings in 2021. We’re looking forward to seeing so many of the people we already know, as well as meeting those who may not be familiar with what we offer,” said Randy Read, Co-founder of EnVue Telematics. “We’ve learned a lot about the industry in working with the great people at Focal Pointe Outdoor Solutions, and we are confident we can provide a compelling case to professional landscaping companies about what we can do for them.”

Connected Solutions That Improve Safety and Productivity

EnVue offers a range of advanced technology for use in fleets of all types, as well as consulting services for how to get the best return out of an investment in telematics. The focus is primarily in one of six key areas.

  • Productivity. Boosting dispatch and routing efforts, managing dynamic dispatch in real-time, producing fleet management reports and optimizing driver and asset tracking
  • Safety. Improve driver scoring training and monitoring, document aggressive driver behaviors, automate remedial driver training enrollments, improve bad driving habits, provide MVR background checks with an option for “continuous driver monitoring” with near real-time alerts when employees receive violations.
  • Optimization. Lower fleet CPM and net life cycle costs using telematics data, enhance vehicle maintenance and fuel management capabilities, lower CPM operating costs, and reduce/eliminate unexpected breakdowns that disrupt operations.
  • Sustainability. Reduce fleet carbon emissions through telematics platforms, identify opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, receive data insights to guide fleet conversion to EV models, and better manage EV and vehicles that become part of your fleet.
  • Compliance. Ensure drivers meet DOT/FMCSA compliance requirements for logging hours and maintain compliance for vehicle safety inspections and IFTA reporting, among other issues.
  • Expandability. Use advanced camera technology to improve safety and performance, including video telematics/dash cameras that enhance risk management oversight, reduce vehicle insurance rates and reduce workers compensation insurance rates.

The Next Level Leadership Summit focuses on sharing and learning best business practices, as well as the value of continuous improvement. The EnVue Telematics team is proud to be a part of the event and looks forward to speaking with landscaping industry leadership on how they can improve their business performance.


Source: prweb.com