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Endless Pools® Fitness Systems Brings Wellness Home With Innovative Swim-In-Place & Aquatic Exercise Technology

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2016

Fitness enthusiasts looking to carve out time for their daily workout and bring more wellness to their lives will enjoy a new line of aquatic fitness systems that are visually stunning and purposely designed to help any level of user meet their fitness goals.

Watkins Wellness™, best known as the world's leading manufacturer of hot tubs and maker of aquatic fitness products, recently introduced Endless Pools® Fitness Systems and SwimCross™ Exercise Systems by Endless Pools. The company is focused on providing the best swim-in-place experience, coupled with multi-functional aquatic exercise options and modern styling. These new fitness systems represent a next generation in technology and design.

Endless Pools Fitness Systems and SwimCross Exercise Systems have many exceptional design elements in common and are primarily differentiated by the swim current generator. Endless Pools Fitness Systems feature the Endless Pools Swim Machine, while the SwimCross Exercise Systems swim current is powered by jets.

"Endless Pools Fitness Systems represents a breakthrough in combining beautifully functional design with advanced swim-in-place technology to create a home wellness system that owners can be proud to have as a centerpiece of their backyard," said Mike Dunn, Executive Vice President of Watkins Wellness. "Customers shouldn't have to compromise style for functionality – we believe in providing customers with a product that is stylistically better and extraordinarily versatile with swim and exercise options suitable for any customer."

Unlimited Possibilities
Endless Pools Fitness Systems combines the revolutionary Endless Pools Swim Machine with an optional underwater treadmill, rowing, strength-training exercises, and relaxing spa seating with hydromassage jets. The thoughtful and contemporary design of the acrylic shell and all-season cabinet stands above in both form and function.

All Endless Pools Fitness Systems and SwimCross Exercise Systems are built for durability and beauty, which is why an extremely strong, 14-gauge galvanized steel frame and ABS base pan are standard on all models.

The Magic Is in the Machine™
The Endless Pools Swim Machine pioneered the propeller-driven swim-in-place technology, and to this day remains the leader in this category. Endless Pools Fitness Systems use a custom-made, hydraulically powered propulsion system that creates a laminar current of up to 5,000 gallons per minute (GPM) that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. Multiple conditioning grills smooth and redirect the water, resulting in a swim current that is free of turbulence. Even at full power, it feels like swimming in open water.

A Jetted Swim System with Exceptional Value
SwimCross Exercise Systems offer a jetted option from the makers of Endless Pools that stand out from the typical jetted swim spa. The five swim jets in SwimCross Exercise Systems are designed to produce a less turbulent swim current. From novice to expert swimmers, all will enjoy the system's five output levels, in addition to the workout options of rowing, resistance exercise, and relaxing hydrotherapy that are available.

Endless Pools Fitness Systems E500 and E700 models, as well as SwimCross Exercise Systems X200 and X500, are available through authorized retailers nationwide. Visit to find the nearest retailer and to learn more.


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