Emery Unified School District Completes Synthetic Turf Installation At East Bay German International School Sports Field

7 January 2021

Emery Unified School District just made a major improvement to the sports field at East Bay German International School (EBGIS) with the recent installation of Shaw Sports Turf in early November of last year. The newly upgraded field is primarily used by students for both soccer and volleyball but is also open to members of the Emeryville community for other athletic activities.

“We decided to install new turf at EBGIS because Shaw’s turf requires less maintenance and will last our students and community much longer than what we had before,” said Jody Clarke, Emery Unified School District Director of Maintenance and Operations.

The field required 10,148 square feet of Shaw Sports Turf’s Legion 1.75 product. Legion is a combination of high-performance monofilament fibers and a durable slit film fiber. The slit film fiber is a workhorse which will handle the workload, while the monofilament provides a more resilient surface that enhances performance characteristics. Legion uses Bolt, a premium lightning bolt shaped monofilament fiber. Legion also features optimized face weight for performance and infill flyout control.

The decision to use Shaw Sports Turf was based upon price, durability, and Shaw Sports Turf’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

“Overall, Shaw Sports Turf was really easy to work with,” said Clarke. “They worked right along with us from the very beginning and through each stage of the installation process. They were able to hone in on our specific needs and find efficient ways to meet our budget. Both their project management and installation teams were great and our met timeline requirements.”

"I'm happy that Shaw Sports Turf could be involved with the Emery Unified School District. It was great to work with the maintenance and operations department and the East Bay German International School to make the project happen. This will be something the school can be proud of for years to come," said Matthew Cohen, Shaw Sports Turf Territory Manager.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Shaw Industries is a full flooring provider to the residential and commercial markets. Shaw supplies carpet, hardwood, laminate, resilient, and tile/ stone flooring products, as well as synthetic turf. Shaw Sports Turf is one of the leading synthetic turf companies in North America and has represented quality and innovation for more than two decades with over 3,500 successful installations, including an impressive list of high-profile field installations. For more information please visit http://www.shawsportsturf.com, call 866-703-4004 or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.


Source: prweb.com